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2022 cannabis trends to watch, how to invest: CNBS ETF’s Tim Seymour


Tim Seymour, portfolio manager for cannabis investment Tim Seymour suggests that brand building could be the main theme in cannabis 2022.

Seymour said that larger companies will make use of this year after a disappointing 2021 legislative session. “ETF Edge”This week.

Seymour who manages the Cannabis Investors Network said, “When we look ahead to 2022 one of the major themes should be the emergence brands.” Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF (CNBS).

TilrayCNBC spoke with CEO Irwin Simon this week to say that the company’s two-pronged approach would be used while laws are being negotiated. It will focus on cannabis-adjacent countries and it will develop brands there.

While you are waiting for legalization, what do you do? Simon explained that brands are created and categories built with adjacency in the cannabis sector. “Closing Bell.”

One day you’ll see THC-infused beer. A bourbon will soon be available with THC. It will also include edibles. We have brands…that consumers will know about.”

This specific approach is expected to help “insulate” publicly traded cannabis businesses from margin pressures, after a hard 2021 when cannabis ETFs dropped between 20 and 40 percent, stated Seymour who also founded and heads Seymour Asset Management. Seymour is also a contributor to CNBC.

Seymour explained that if you look at the valuations of this sector, it is cheaper to enter 2022 than 2021. This sector offers greater growth than other sectors, and at lower valuations.

Seymour says that actively managing an exchange-traded fund is his favorite method to invest in this rapidly changing space. This allows him the flexibility and diversification he needs.

He said that active ETF strategies are a good way to get exposure to the changing industry. They allow investors to adapt quickly.

CNBS was second in cannabis ETF performance, behind only Tobacco. Cambria’s Cannabis ETF(TOKE), roughly one-third its size

Seymour attributes his fund’s resilience to having a worldwide portfolio and an explosion in the cannabis debt marketsThat allowed companies like Green Thumb IndustriesTo issue new debt instruments to help protect against potential downsides during volatile periods.