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How Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski motivates herself


Tara Lipinski was the first Olympic gold medalist for figure skating in 1998. However, her initial success did not deprive her of the motivation she needed.

Lipinski, who was a professional skater on the tour after the Olympics, found his success and is now a successful coach. figure skating analyst for NBC Sports. Lipinski told CNBC Make It that even after she has stepped off the ice, her success in figure skating is still a result of the same factors that helped her get to the top in her professional career.

“I’m competitive. Lipinski said that Lipinski is competitive. Lipinski says, “I love to be successful and to solve problems. I find that when you do — even if it’s not always a success — the process of getting there is exciting and you never know what’s going to happen.”

Tara Lipinski (USA) lifts her arms with a bouquet to celebrate the award of the gold medal. She is joined by Michelle Kwan, silver medallist from the United States, and Chen Lu, bronze medallist from China in the Ladies Figure Skating Singles Competition of the XVIII Olympic Winter Games.

Jamie Squire | Hulton Archive | Getty Images

She is 39 years old and says that she enjoys “picking impossible things to accomplish” to see if it can be done. The 39-year-old enjoys having an inner “competition”, between herself and her goal.

She says, “I don’t believe that I can wake up and be content without something to do.” It is fun even if things don’t always work out your way.

It’s impossible to be content in my sleep if I have nothing to do.

Tara Lipinski

Olympic Gold Medalist

Lipinski claims that she made the decision to become a commentator during the 2000s, while she was watching the World Championships live on TV. She also knew full well the fact that Scott Hamilton and Peggy Fleming were established commentators who had been in their respective positions for over 20 years.

She went ahead anyway. She says, “I don’t know why I thought this would be my next goal.” This was something I knew would not come to pass. However, I was commentating on the topic since 2009 (2010).

“You put in a lot of effort.” [something]And you’ll see the result.”

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