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Yemen’s Houthis claim suspected drone attack on UAE tankers


On Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019, an Emirati woman paddles through a canoe, past Abu Dhabi skyscrapers, United Arab Emirates.

Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Yemen’s Houthi rebels have claimed an attack in Abu Dhabi that caused fires and resulted in three fuel tanker explosions near state oil firm ADNOC’s storage facilities.

Abu Dhabi police stated in a statement to WAM state news agency that Monday’s fires broke out in Musaffah, an industrial area in Musaffah. The attack may have been carried out using drones, according to authorities.

Preliminary investigations indicate that small flying objects (possibly drones) are the causes of the fires that erupted in these two locations. The police stated that teams from the relevant authorities were dispatched to the scene and are currently putting out the flames.

According to the statement, there have been no “significant damages” from the accidents.

Yemen’s Houthi rebel movement has been in war since 2015 with a Saudi coalition which includes UAE. A spokesman said the militants launched a military attack in the Gulf sheikhdom. The statement was made by Reuters.

In 2019, the UAE withdrew from Yemen largely, four years after a bloody civil war in the Middle East. This conflict has led to mass starvation in the Middle East’s poorest nation. It also fueled proxy fighting between Saudi Arabian and regional rival Iran. Iran backs the Houthis by funding weapons and providing support.

Abu Dhabi still carries significant influence among Yemeni forces it has armed and trained to combat the Houthis, who in 2014 forced out Yemen’s Saudi-backed government led by President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi.

Since Riyadh began its air assault on Yemen in 2003, the Houthis has carried out hundreds more drone and missile strikes into Saudi Arabia.