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Analyst says US policy proving to be mistake


After North Korea’s four missile launches in less than a month, it appeared that the U.S. had made a wrong decision by focusing on North Korea’s engagement.

U.S. President Joe BidenAnthony Ruggiero of Foundation for Defense of Democracies stated that “chose engagement only.” In 2021, that was his policy. In 2021, he didn’t sanction North Korea’s nuke missile program at all.”

It’s turning out to be a mistake now, as the fourth missile test was conducted today. He said that he was certain there will be more. “We’re not even half way through January.” “Street Signs Asia”On Monday

The statement was reported by KCNA, the state news agency. two tactical guided missiles were fired on MondayThey also stated that they had “precisely struck an island target in East Sea of Korea.”

“The Academy of Defence Science has confirmed that the production of the weapon system is safe, secure and efficient,” KCNA stated.

South Korea’s presidential office stated that North Korea’s continued firing of missiles is “extremely regrettable.”

Japan’s Ministry of Defense estimated that the missiles landed beyond its exclusive economic area, and strongly condemned them, NBC News reported.

North Korea’s sanctions are ‘abolished’

The United States didn’t respond strongly despite North Korea’s multiple missile launches in 2021, Ruggiero said.

I believe that sanctions can atrophy if you do not respond to missile launches from ballistic warships, which were occurring in the fall. [North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s]He replied, “Well, I suppose these are okay to do,” he stated.

“Now, Biden’s administration has stated that it is against the law to make such a statement.”

Last week, the United States announced sanctions on eight people and entitiesTheir work on developing ballistic missile-related programs and weapons of mass destruction for Pyongyang. This was after at most two North Korean missile launches.

Ruggiero stated, “I believe that this is a good start.” But they have much to do.

According to him, previous administrations in America made the error of thinking that negotiations with North Korea were an achievement in themselves. “It isn’t,” he said.

Ruggiero stated that Biden might increase pressure on North Korea to test missiles and put sanctions in place, even though talks continue.

He stated that both sides seem to be “a long way away from engagement.”

North Korea wants to set a trap for Biden’s administration.

Leif Eric Easley

Professor at Ewha University

Professor at Ewha University, Seoul, Leif-Eric Easley said Friday that North Korea should receive humanitarian aid once it is ready to reengage. However, its threats shouldn’t be treated with sanctions relief or international recognition.

The North Korean government is trying to set a trap for President Biden. It has queued up missiles that it wants to test anyway and is responding to U.S. pressure with additional provocations in an effort to extort concessions,” he said in an email after North Korea’s third launch this month.

North Korea is a ‘bluff’