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Students allowed despite Covid policies


Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Wednesday that Australia will reimburse visa fees paid by backpackers who travel within the next three-months.

The country — whose tight, pandemic border policies locked out its citizens, and more recently, one of tennis’s biggest stars — is encouraging backpackers to visit.

Because it is trying to decrease labor shortages, which have been worsened by Covid-19.

“My message to [backpackers]Morrison declared this week that “come on down” was the right word. “You’ve got your visa, we want you to come to Australia and enjoy a holiday here in Australia, move all the way … around the country and the same time, join our workforce.”

Morrison via The Telegraph said that the invitation is open to approximately 23,500 backpackers with visas for Australia. televised announcement.

Visas commonly obtained by backpackers — namely, the subclass 417 462 visas, known as “Working Holiday Makers” visas — let young adults who aren’t traveling with dependent children work and travel through Australia for up to one year.

According to Australia’s Department of Home Affairs, holders of visas can request a refund of their $495 Australian dollar ($358) fees if they arrive before April 19.

Morrison explained that visa holders from other countries can have $630 Australian dollars (453) refunded to them upon arrival in Australia within eight weeks.

Many Australian universities currently have summer vacations, and many are scheduled to resume classes in February or March.

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The move is both “a thank you to them for coming back … but we also want them to come here and be able to be filling some of these critical workforce shortages, particularly those who are working and being trained in health care, aged care, those types of sectors,” said Morrison.   

According to him, “The crest of the omicron waves is either upon us right now or will arrive in States over the coming weeks.” He also stated that Australia would benefit from opening its borders to students and backpackers.

Morrison stated that Australia launched a $3million marketing program to help students and backpackers travel quickly to Australia.  

Needed: Travellers who want to work 

Major Australian supermarkets were forced by supply and worker shortages to restore purchase limits for toilet paper, medicines and meat products.

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We need more assistance

Vaccinated eligible visa holders, Holders of Working Holiday Makers visas are allowed to enter Australia, without the need for travel exemptions since December 15, 2021.  

On Nov. 21st, 2021, passengers from Singapore arrived in Sydney (Australia) For the purposes of general tourism, Australia is open to New Zealanders and vaccinated citizens — but not other residents — of Singapore, Japan and South Korea.

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It’s not necessary to be a working holiday maker. They are limited to certain skills, however. types of jobs they can doAlso available: where they come from.

The subclass 417 visa is available for passport holders of 19 countries and territories. Subclass 462 visa holders are allowed to come from 26 countries.

An abrupt rise in the number of cases

Over 80% of Australia’s Covid infections were detected within the past month.

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According to the Associated Press, hospitals in Victoria, where Melbourne is located, have been elevated to emergency “Code Brown” status. This level of alertness is usually reserved for large-scale natural disasters and major accidents. local media. According to reports, this is the first such declaration made in the state.

The prime minister’s ratings slid this week,According to Reuters he was months before he would seek reelection.

This poll was taken before Djokovic’s exit from the country. a move that was popular among Australians