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There will never be a post-Covid world: Michael Dell


Transmission electron microscopic images of an isolate of the U.S. Covid-19 case. Cross-sections of the viral genome are visible as black dots in these spherical particles.

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Two years have passed since the first time we heard about Covid-19. It’s been two years since we first heard about Covid-19. Many people are asking themselves where they are now in the path of this pandemic. What have we learned? Where are we headed? Although it may seem like we are stuck in a rut, we have made great strides and gained a lot of knowledge. The world is more resilient now than ever. It is now that we can see the future with all its possibilities, even though it may look a bit differently.

It is time to let go of the idea that we live in a post-Covid society. Covid is here for the long-term and it will impact our human race as well as global society. It is not clear what this will ultimately look like. We are still uncertain about the ability and balance to achieve it. However, what we had been calling the new norm should be considered normal.

Vaccines should be considered normal. They’re part of everyday life and are the best way to keep everyone safe while still enjoying our lives. These are amazing advances and there will be a lot more innovation. We will have an incomparable ability to control Covid both on an ongoing basis as well as for any future pandemics. While vaccines don’t always work, they can make Covid an acceptable risk.

They are not unusual. Accept them. Masks may be necessary for certain situations. While some jobs may need a mask for certain activities, others might not. There is no definitive answer. Safety is only possible when we trust our judgment and the facts. To preserve the traditions and ways we love, we must look after ourselves.

All forms of interaction, including remote work and travel, are possible. The world we live in is complex and sometimes confusing. It is not possible to control what, where and when we do it. There’s no set time when you can return to work or attend in-person events. The balance between risk and reward is always changing over time.

Despite all this, extraordinary things still happen. We have seen digital transformation accelerate in two years. This is something we could not believe was possible. We are seeing new results from these advances in collaboration, experiences and productivity. Many members of the Dell team are finding greater balance in all aspects of their lives, for example. Organizations are working to combat environmental impacts and climate change. Reducing physical facilities and employee travel can have a huge impact on the carbon footprint. I have spoken to executives and company leaders around the globe about this pandemic.

We have much to do in order to make sure that communities and individuals are resilient to the challenges of change. Learning from the past can help us prepare for the future. What we do know is that Covid can be used to sustain a global society. This is OK. It is possible to prosper, grow, progress, and achieve. Human inspiration and technological innovation continue to be a major driver of progress in the world. I am by no means a utopian. I can be both optimistic and realistic. These facts will be as they are. The situation we find ourselves in is exactly what it is. We can accept it, and make our ordinary a great future.

Michael Dell is the CEO and President of Dell Technologies.

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