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Pfizer CEO says an annual Covid vaccine is preferable to periodic boosters


PfizerAlbert Bourla, Chief Executive said Saturday that an annual Covid-19 vaccination would be better than more frequent booster shots to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Pfizer/BioNtech has demonstrated that the Covid-19 vaccine is effective against serious disease and death due to the mutation in the omicron gene, although it’s less effective for preventing its transmission.

Some countries are expanding Covid-19 vaccination booster programs to increase the number of cases, while others have shortened between shots in an effort to boost protection.

Bourla was interviewed by Israel’s N12 News and asked whether booster shots are administered on an ongoing basis every four to five month.

This will be an unfavorable scenario. Bourla stated that he hopes that we’ll have a vaccine you can use once per year.

“Once a year — it is easier to convince people to do it. People remember it easier.

This is the ideal situation for public health. Bourla stated that we are currently looking into creating a vaccine to cover Omicron but not forget about the other variants.

Bourla said that Pfizer might be ready for mass production of an Omicron vaccine and file for approval.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited three studies to support their Friday assertion that an additional dose of an mRNA vaccination is essential for Omicron prevention, providing 90 percent protection from hospitalization.

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center released Monday’s preliminary results. It found that while a fourth shot can increase antibody levels to higher levels than the previous, it was unlikely to be enough to stop Omicron.

Sheba indicated that risk groups still need to be given a booster.