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Crypto Jobs are on the Rise: The Most Demanding and Exciting Jobs Available

If your job title includes the magic world “crypto,” your personal profile should definitely be among the most wanted on LinkedIn. Probably you’ve noticed that already.

The Rise of Crypto Hiring

The crypto space is booming and so is the global demand for cryptocurrency and blockchain-savvy employees, says the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn.

Its latest analysis shows that the number of job openings related to crypto has increased by almost 400% in 2017.

Number of jobs that contain the word , , blockchain,And cryptocurrency According to LinkedIn research, the United States saw a 395 percent increase in 2021.

This marks the first-ever time that crypto has exceeded the larger tech industry. Job searches increased by 98% during this period.

Technology Demand is Broad

On LinkedIn, the most popular demand for cryptocurrency-tech specialists was in finance and software. The leaders are being challenged by the start-ups, accounting and consulting firms as well as the entire computer hardware industry.

They were seeking to hire both cryptocurrency engineers and blockchain developers. These are the same people who dominate other cryptocurrency job sites like CryptoJobs and Indeed.

However, if you dig deeper, there’s a full spectrum of hiring for different positions in decentralized business: from cryptocurrency writers and marketing managers to data scientists, sales development representatives, and blockchain advisors.

New Roles Emerge

Despite the growing demand for “regular” vacancies, the fast-evolving and innovative cryptocurrency space is bringing its own trends to the job search market.

As more cryptocurrency start-ups look to fill the new roles, senior meme officers, director of avatars and metaverse influencers like worldbuilders, tour guide, smart contract lawyers or metahuman doctors, this could become the norm.

Crypto has become mainstream

The entire cryptocurrency market saw a record-breaking year in 2021, when it briefly exceeded $3 trillion.

Seven out of ten crypto investors invested in digital assets last year. Bitcoin was made legal in El Salvador and the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), revolutionized the gaming industry. Wealth management firms filed many crypto ETF application with the SEC.

“Investors worldwide poured $30 billion into crypto and blockchain startups in 2021. At the same time, public interest in crypto exploded as high profile evangelists like Elon Musk praised the technology – and crypto companies entered the mainstream,” says the LinkedIn report.


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