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Top Wall Street analysts say buy stocks like Tesla and Amazon


VMware, December 14, 2021 at the NYSE

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Stocks had a difficult start to 2022 and investors could see more volatility.

Because the current macro-environment has been extremely volatile, it is no surprise that this situation persists. Investors are concerned about inflationary fears and labor shortages, as well as the Federal Reserve’s decision to reduce its bond purchases.

TipRanks provides financial data aggregate website and investors the tools to help them navigate the market. Wall Street’s best analysts name their bullishest ideas in spite of the difficult macro trends.


Cloud-based platforms have been a key part of the wider digital transformation that has been triggered by the pandemic. Verint Systems, a software and intelligence company (VRNTOne of the beneficiaries is likely to be? ).

Samad Samana, Jefferies, detailed his plans for the stock in a report. He noted that it was “a very difficult company to manage.”VRNTThe progress made by Verint in modernizing the tech stack, and expanding its product range is still not appreciated. Verint’s flexibility, which can be used across many cloud providers (AWS. Azure. Google Cloud) as well as private/hybrid, was highlighted by he.  

Samana gave the stock a Buy rating and set a $62 price target.   

Additionally, the analyst pointed out that the company can serve both legacy and cloud customers and that its cloud solution software can easily be adapted for clients with existing clients. This relationship should be strong in retention, and will deter churn. (See Verint Systems Hedge Fund Activity) 

Verint also allows vendors to combine data about customer interactions with its vendor partners, including “Agent Assist,” which is an AI productivity driver. Through investments and M&A, the company has been elevating its omnichannel capacities, making it far more appealing to prospective vendors.  

TipRanks rates Samana as the No. From over 7,000 analysts, 363 are Samana’s top picks. Stock picks that have proven to be successful have earned him an average return of 34.8% each time.  


Consumer spending has declined and earnings comparators have been difficult. Amazon‘s (AMZN) shares. Analysts are now back in the saddle, as supply restrictions are predicted to decrease and Amazon’s investment in logistics and fulfillment infrastructure is expected to yield positive returns. (See Amazon Risk FactorsTipRanks 

JPMorgan’s Doug Anmuth is the latest to release a bullishing report. He notes a revival in e-commerce trends, and highlights a highly successful holiday season. Amazon Web Services (AWS), however, still holds the lead in cloud computing.  

Anmuth declared the stock Buy and gave a target price of $4,350.  

While he modestly lowered his Amazon forecasts, the analyst believes that these lower expectations should help “re-risk shares” and AMZN will be a more attractive story to buy through 2022. The analyst believes the company’s online segment will see growth this year because of year-long improvements in transportation and delivery medias. 

Amazon has never been closer to customers like it is today.  

This company is “well placed as the market leader for e-commerce, public cloud,” and may increase Prime membership fees and fulfillment fees. These moves are expected to increase revenue. Anmuth considers Amazon’s AWS growth strong and “sustainable”.  

Anmuth has been rated the No. 1 analyst out of over 7,000. 155. His stock ratings were correct 62% of time. On average, his returns have been 32.4%.  


However Tesla (TSLAAlthough ) has been regarded as the largest electric vehicle maker, the company now seeks market share from other established OEMs. This means over the next two years it will be important to see where the firm stands relative to legacy automakers – and less so in comparison to smaller EV companies, according to Philippe Houchois of Jefferies.  

This analyst is most concerned about Tesla’s ability to continue this success. According to him, a rapid increase in production will prove to be the main catalyst. The company’s new gigafactories, in Austin and Berlin respectively, are expected to increase supply by a significant amount in February and April. (See Tesla Stock ChartsTipRanks 

Houchois assigned Tesla a Buy rating, and a bullish price target of $1,400 per stock.  

Houchois said that an EV producer’s backlog has risen to significant levels. This caused Houchois, who is a TSLA representative to say that filling this capacity “is not a certainty” right now. However, the lengthy list of unfulfilled orders is a sign that TSLA has confidence in its long-term demand.  

An analyst further stated that Tesla may have a business model which generates cash more quickly than it can add product or capacity.  

Houchois will be watching Tesla’s quarter-end earnings on January 26. It may confirm its profits, provide updates on Cybertruck and offer a cheaper sedan model.  

Analyst No. The analyst ranks No. 244 among more than 7,000 professionals analysts. His success rate is 70%, and he has returned on average 41.9% of his picks.  


Shares of VMware could be rising according to indicators (VMW). (See VMware Earnings Date and ReportsTipRanks 

Brian White from Monness outlined several reasons the stock might be poised for upside. The company’s unique value proposition in cloud was highlighted by White of Monness, as well as the attractive valuation.

He raised the stock from neutral to buy and determined a price target at $153.  

White stated that VMware“Invested in organic innovation, made acquisitions and signed cloud partnerships. These strategic decisions will lay the groundwork for future business growth.  

Although VMW was not able to benefit from the digital transformation that has benefited other software firms so much, the analyst feels that VMW’s longer-term prospects are more secure because of this overall trend. He is optimistic about VMW’s market position for the moment.  

VMware is well-suited for several cloud companies and can be used as a third party, according to the analyst.  

White holds the No. White currently holds the No. 111 position out of over 7,000 financial analysts. Stock picks that he has made have yielded him an average of 37.1% and success 74% of his time.  


Walmart (WMTIt appears that ) has increased its customer base ever since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. And it might also be able to keep performing in spite rising fuel prices and inflationary cost. (See Walmart Website TrafficTipRanks 

Robert Drbul, Guggenheim’s resident writer, believes that this is true. Walmartis in a strong position to enjoy continued benefits despite difficult consumer spending environments. Inflationary pressures and gas prices were not concerns for him. He pointed out the possible dangers of “lapping stimulus payments” and expiration or child tax credit. 

Drbul called it “one of his top ideas” and gave it a Buy rating. He also set a $185 price target.  

He stated that shoppers may be tempted to consolidate visits to Walmart stores into more purchases, or even shop online as fuel costs rise. The “winning combination” of Walmart’s physical presence and its online presence is what he calls it. Shoppers may look for ways to cut costs by shopping at the retailer with a greater selection of products.  

Analyst is positive in Walmart’s robust business model, which “can withstand potential drops in consumer spending dollars.” The analyst believes that the company is immune to disruptive trends and macro forces, so he views the stock price as one with favorable risk/reward.  

TipRanks rates Drbul as No. TipRanks rated Drbul as No. 89 among more than 7,000 analysts. He has a success rate of 70% and returns an average 29.8% to each stock.