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Illiquid supply ‘going up relentlessly’ — 5 things to watch in Bitcoin this week -Breaking

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(BTC) is starting the final week of January in a place no one wanted but many warned about — a 50% drawdown from all-time highs.

Flying to $34,000 indicates that this is already down half of what it was in the previous two months. Perhaps naturally, fears are growing that these losses will continue.

Futures 1 Day Candle Chart. TradingView
Bitcoin monthly RSI vs. BTC/USD Annotated Chart. Matthew Hyland/Twitter
BTC/USD chart vs. bitcoin production costs Source: Venturefounder/Twitter
Annotated Chart: Bitcoin liquidity vs. USD/BTC annotated. Source: Lex Moskovski/Twitter
Crypto Fear & Greed Index (screenshot). Source: