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Huawei P50 Pro, P50 Pocket launch: Price, release date, features


Huawei’s premium P50 Pro smartphones and the foldable P50 Pocket smartphone have been launched in international markets. This despite ongoing sanctions from the United States. Huawei’s flagship store is located in Hangzhou.

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Huawei launched top-end smartphones on international markets, despite its reduced global status due to U.S. sanctions.

Chinese telecommunications giant China Telecom announced Wednesday plans to market the P50 Pro handset and P50 Pocket smartphone to countries outside China. These smartphones launched last year in China.

However, both phones are unable to connect to the super-fast 5G internet. as a result of U.S. sanctionsThis ban continues to prevent Huawei from buying certain U.S. technologies. These devices are instead equipped with chips manufactured by the U.S. QualcommTo allow 4G connections

P50 Pro features a large display of 6.6 inches and two camera modules at the back. P50 Pocket is an ultra-portable smartphone that you can slip in your pockets or bags. These phones can sync with other Huawei products.

P50 Pro is priced at 1,199 euro ($1,353)

Huawei’s handsets are now available worldwide. sticking to its ambitionsIt is possible to keep a profitable business in consumer electronics.

However, its international standing has plummeted dramatically since becoming the number one smartphone player in the worldThe second quarter of 2020. Counterpoint Research projects Huawei’s global market share at 1.7% for the fourth quarter 2021. China accounts for more than 90%.