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WildEarth is Using NFTs to Save Wildlife in South Africa By BTC Peers


© Reuters. WildEarth uses NFTs in South Africa to Save Wildlife

It’s always uplifting to see cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) being tied into real-world projects that have a positive impact – speculative investments can only do so much. Practical use cases are as concrete as they get. Protecting animals and protecting the environment is perhaps the most real of all.

WildEarth’s experience in South African Game Reserves is combined with NFTs, live streaming, and live stream to save a variety of endangered species. It will create an interactive environment where sponsorships can mint NFTs, and the animals will live-stream on TV.

Due to its worldwide reach, WildEarth’s project has already made great strides. They are one of the world’s largest broadcasters with 5 million monthly viewers of WildEarth’s TV channel on platforms including Roku (NASDAQ:), DStv Africa (NASDAQ:), iOS. This audience cares about the environment and is interested in animal welfare.

It’s a perfect combination in many ways. WildEarth’s viewers already care about animals and are sensitive to their plight. Viewers will want to find new ways of helping after they have seen a television show that features an animal. NFT minting is a cost-effective way to do this.

Simple and genius is the premise behind the NFT for animal welfare. The custodian who cares for the animal is entitled to 40% of any NFT sales. The custodian also receives 8% in local currency from secondary sales. It is an efficient way to transfer funds, as custodians are passionate about caring for habitats. Because of the differences in habitats and species, standardized methods won’t work.

The NFTs will include a photo of the animal as well as its registry ID and additional information. Every NFT collection can only be linked to one type of animal. WildEarth will create another NFT for every one NFT it mints. This NFT can then be stored in its treasury to sell in the secondary markets. It is done so that the habitat custodians have an ongoing revenue stream.

WildEarth’s mantra is to link people with nature. It does this through nature-based broadcasts. NFT is a new initiative that allows people to stream and interact with their animal companions, as well as with other NFT holders. This creates organic groups who are interested in the welfare of animals and the environment.

WildEarth emphasizes live streaming because this is what the Web 3.0 era demands. It’s also what really connects people to the planet in an emotional and ‘live’ sense as opposed to more staged approaches. Nature lovers will take to the idea of having a live and personalized animal that they don’t really ‘own’, but that they certainly have access to. Access to videos, stills and details of the animals will be available via mobile apps for NFT owners.

At the moment, animals that need protection are mostly those of the Djuma Reservation. These are high-predators, including leopards, lions, and hyenas. They are the most vulnerable animals and the ones people enjoy watching on television. These animals are easier to track than smaller ones.

WildEarth runs on the Polygon Blockchain, which is very carbon-efficient compared with other blockchains like or. You can get all NFTs from any animal collection for 120 MATIC, which is roughly equivalent to $200. However prices can fluctuate and it’s possible to mint them by directly connecting your Metamask wallet or WalletConnect wallet.

Every wallet is allowed to mint up 10 NFTs. There are a limited number of NFTs per collection. There is a time limit for minting and demand will match supply. The price of each NFT sold at 120 MATIC per unit. The NFT minting process is efficient and ensures that there are no price arbitrages.

The minting window will open on January 28th, and close on January 31st. For those who are interested, a Discord AMA with CEO Graham (NYSE.) Wallington as well as CTO Peter Braat will take place.


WildEarth, a company that focuses on nature technology, aims to increase the natural value of people. WildEarth’s 24/7 wildlife TV channel uses LIVE broadcasting, interactivity and a unique point of view shooting format to help viewers feel remotely present in nature. Viewers can now feel more connected with wildlife by buying NFTs from specific collections. This is because they are helping conserve habitats. [homes]They live in.

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