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Man charged with threatening Biden said he was ‘coming to the White House,’ Secret Service alleges


An American Secret Service member looks out from Washington DC’s White House on August 21st 2021.

ndrew Caballero Reynolds | AFP | Getty Images

Kansas man is facing charges after he allegedly threatened to harm President Joe BidenCourt documents on Friday show that the judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff.

Scott Ryan Merryman, who called the Independence police station on Tuesday, said that he was going to Washington, D.C., to meet with President Obama. A Secret Service agent stated in an affidavit supporting a criminal complaint.

On Wednesday, agents located Merryman in Hagerstown’s parking lot at Cracker Barrel and interviewed him. The agent stated that the agents found three ammunition rounds and a scope with a sighting scope in the vehicle. However, no weapons were discovered.

Merryman called the White House Switchboard Thursday morning and threatened Biden with violence, claiming he was coming to the White House and would “cut off the head the snake/antichrist,” according to the agent.

After the White House operator had informed them, the Secret Service reached out to Merryman. Merryman claimed that Merryman was calling to “sleepy Joe”, with only three bullets, no guns.

Merryman, a U.S. District Court of Maryland defendant, was accused of making threats against President of the United States of America as well as interstate communication containing a danger to harm.

Merryman was first accused by the Daily Beast.

In the affidavit, there were also screenshots taken from Merryman’s Facebook page. They showed “a number of increasingly threatening words.”

Merryman posted Tuesday that he would be going to “on a God led journey to our nations capitalHis followers were asked to watch his strategic moves over the coming days. Merryman, in a Wednesday posting that has been removed, wrote “There’ll be a miracle at White House.” Joe Biden will receive a fatal head injury and I believe he is the AntiChrist.

Senior law enforcement officials confirmed that Merryman had been taken into custody.

Merryman may not have had legal representation.

On Saturday, the U.S. attorney for Maryland could not be reached for comment.