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Astra expects to receive FAA license for Florida launch by Friday


The rocket LV0008 from the company is seen standing on the launchpad in preparation for the ELaNa 41 mission by NASA.

Astra | John Kraus

Rocket builder AstraThe company is planning to launch its first flight from Florida as soon as possible. It expects to receive its Federal Aviation Administration licence for a NASA mission shortly.

According to Astra, Astra plans to issue Astra’s license on Friday. A filing Tuesday indicated that the company had made this statement. Astra therefore has set Saturday as the date for its launch.

Notably, this will be the first license the FAA issues under Part 450 – a new space industry framework designed to streamline the regulatory process for companies requesting both launch and spacecraft reentry licenses. Astra claimed that it has been three months since the company requested the license. Astra’s latest developments will allow it to launch more frequently from more US launch sites, the company claimed.

Astra shares rose by as much as 15 percent in premarket trades on Tuesday, up from the previous close of $4.78. To trade at 3.5%, shares gave up the majority of day’s gains. Over the last three months, shares have lost half of their value. Astra battered alongside other space growth stocks.

Company reached orbit for the first time three months ago with its LV0007 rocketThe launching of the X-ray from Kodiak in Alaska.

Astra is currently preparing for launch the ELaNa 41 missionThe company launched its LV0008 rocket with four cubesatellites to NASA. This would have been the first time that Astra had attempted to launch from Florida’s Cape Canaveral. Astra successfully tested fired its LV0008 rocket at Space Launch Complex 46, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.