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Bear Grylls on why there’s more to life than good grades


Bear Grylls is a global survival expert and adventurer who has shared his experience with CNBC. He said that his father was one of the role models that taught him there’s more to life than top grades.

In many ways, my professional career is a reflection of these giants. I also feel that some of my early teachers and teachers have been inspirational to me. Grylls added that she believed her father, a late man, was an important influence.

Grylls spoke ahead of Jan. 24’s International Day of Education. He said that while he was not a straight A student in England, he explained that he did not always return to school with great school reports.

Grylls will also recall the father’s reaction to him.

“I didn’t achieve the highest level in academics or sports, so when I got back to my roots those weren’t as important as they were for me.” [my father]”He said.

I remember him asking, “Are your happy?” Have you discovered something you truly love? How are your relationships with them and your best friends? These were the things that mattered most.”

Personal development gap

Grylls was recently founded BecomingX EducationThe latest initiative of his global learning organization BecomingX is titled ‘X. This is a digital platform that schools can use to teach life and personal skills.

He spoke out more generally about education, saying that all governments must recognize the need for personal growth at school.

“I believe that the government must first recognize there is a need. The personal development aspect of curriculums are critical. This is truely critical. He also said that many of the existing programs, he explained.

Bear Grylls will be performing at The Royal Festival Hall, London on November 23, 2021.

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Grylls suggested that schools should include such programs into their curriculum.

It’s something that we hear from many schools. The students are raving about it when they try it out. It’s making teachers and schools happy, which is why 99% of them are so talented. They want the tools that will help inspire and teach children well.” he stated.

But if an academic program is full, and there isn’t enough time, then kids are underserved. “So, at the government level I believe its support us, it sees the power of BecomingX. But also make space for it and ensure that schools can afford it.

Covid crisis

These are some of the international businesses that have funded his school initiative. AmazonCapita.

Grylls stated that the BecomingX Foundation was also established by the organization to help “really empower schools around the world,” even for those who can’t afford the program. These programs provide a variety of skills, including team work, communication, problem solving and resilience, as well as leadership.

Television star, best-selling author and TV personality of nearly 90 books stated that the timing of this launch was perfect in light of the Covid-19 crisis.

BecomingX’s pandemic was a great timing decision. We spent three years creating this program together with these inspiring people. To be able now to launch BecomingX Education in a moment when so many young people are looking for these skills, it took us three long. [it]It feels right, and it has been incredible to see the response and take-up from young people,” said he.