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Youtuber and alleged thief publicly refuses to return investors’ funds after $750k rug pull -Breaking


Coffeezillaa, an American Youtuber and Internet Detective will be hosting a Wednesday Coffeezillaa PublishedA recorded interview with Denino and Paul “Ice Poseidon”, a disgraced YouTuber. Denino claimed that Denino confirmed that he was a Youtuber. Made off with $750 000His investors’ funds through the rug pulling of a crypto-project titled “Cxcoin.”

Denino, a streamer and content creator on Binance Smart Chain created Cxcoin last July. Denino would then have his followers promote the coin, telling them to “don’t worry, there’s no rug.” [pull]Here all your money is secured [in a smart contract]My wallets are pinched, lol Denino, however, abandoned the project two weeks later. He stated: