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Canada police seen getting tough as trucker protests continue


As truckers and supporter protest vaccine mandates in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada), February 1, 2022, vehicles continue to block the streets of downtown Toronto.

Blair Gable | Reuters

After being criticized for their inaction that left the capital unable to function, the police threatened to retaliate and halt the demonstration against Canada’s vaccine mandates and health measures.

A large number of truckers founded the Freedom Convoy, which was originally formed to oppose a Canadian mandate for cross-border drivers. It has become a point of resistance to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s harsh measures in fighting the pandemic.

After truckers took over the streets, Ottawa’s downtown, which is home to Canada’s Parliament, Central Bank, and other buildings, including Trudeau’s office, was put under lockdown. Residents have been disturbed by late night honking, occasional fireworks and disrupted their normally peaceful lives.

Monday will see a hearing on a proposal for a class-action suit seeking injunctions to end the truckers’ constant honking.

Police began to remove fuel and gas supplies from a protester-set up logistics camp on Sunday night after the mayor of the city declared an emergency.

Protesters have been supported by a well-organized supply network, which includes portable saunas and community kitchens as well as bouncy castles for kids. Police said that the protesters have relied partially on support from Americans.

Trump’s former President and Tesla CEO Elon Tesla have spoken highly of truckers.

Canadian officials have refused to compromise on this issue. Trudeau has declared that the Canadian military will not be used to disperse the protest, even though he is in isolation following his positive Covid-19 test.

Trudeau, his family and their belongings were moved from downtown to Ottawa by truckers. His location is not known due to security reasons.

The weekend saw protests spread to other Canadian capitals, such as Toronto and the financial center, where they were met by counter demonstrations. The demonstrations were mostly peaceful, even in Ottawa.

Canadians generally follow government health guidelines and almost 79% have received a double dose. However, recent polls indicate that people are becoming more frustrated with restrictions.