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How Wall Street learned to love bitcoin


As Mastercard and Tesla opened their wallets to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin soared to new heights. Regulators are still circling so the next few months will be unpredictable.

Bitcoin is all the rage in the financial industry.

At $9,000.00, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency began 2020. The world’s largest cryptocurrency was founded in 2020 at $9,000.

Companies such as Mastercard, Tesla and Mastercard are now able to invest in the cryptocurrency market. This has prompted a rise in bitcoins and other tokens like solana and ethereum.

From a criminally-oriented virtual currency, Bitcoin is now a Wall Street asset. Investors now compare the cryptocurrency to gold because they believe that it has a store-of-value similar to that of precious metals.

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However, regulators are beginning to look more closely at cryptocurrency and the volatility plaguing the market. It is becoming increasingly difficult for bitcoin to continue its incredible run.

Now, the question is: What will bitcoin look like in the future? To see what bitcoin’s future looks like, watch the video. 1 crypto.