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Biden acknowledges Tesla’s EV leadership despite Musk’s criticisms


Tesla vehicles charging at stations at Rocklin dealership, California on Friday, January 21, 2022

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Public acknowledgment by President Joe Biden TeslaOn Tuesday, he noted for the first-time in his presidency the status of the company as the largest electric vehicle producer in the country.

Biden mentioned Tesla during an address to American companies that aimed at expanding America’s electric vehicle infrastructure. The mention was sandwiched in between shout-outs of legacy automakers General Motors Ford MotorBoth larger EV companies and smaller ones are available. Rivian Automotive Proterra.

Biden has avoided the mention of Tesla so far in his presidency, an action White House aides claim is motivated by his view that Tesla is anti–union.

It also mentions Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon MuskHe has spent many hours blaming and trolling President Obama and the other members of the Democratic Party on Twitter as well as during interviews with the media.

Musk took offense at Biden’s infrastructure and pro-union spending plans as well as his indifference. Musk, his companiesTesla’s leading position in electric vehicle manufacturing, charging infrastructure.

Musk has called Biden “a liar” in a variety of comments.damp sock puppet in human formTo accuse the president of being “controlled” by unions

After the Biden administration introduced an EV incentives package, which provided additional funds to consumers who bought electric vehicles. But only if they were made by unionized workers.

Musk is also voiced displeasureTesla being excluded from the White House discussion on electric vehicles with GM or Ford.

Tesla supporters launched an outdoor and social media campaign to press the president into supporting Musk or Tesla.

Biden, along with Tesla and other fast-charging equipment manufacturers Tritium, also celebrated Tuesday’s establishment of a Tennessee manufacturing plant. He also praised IntelIts plans to construct a large semiconductor chip plant in Ohio.

The semiconductors or microchips that power almost every aspect of our daily lives are called “these semiconductors.” Smartphones, computers, appliances, fridges, and even the electricity grid are powered by these microchips. These things can’t function properly without them,” he said.

Biden claimed that an increase in domestic chip production would help to reduce inflation and allow more American manufacturing.

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“One of the reasons automobiles cost so much is—they’re responsible for one-fifth of the recent inflation — is because they lack semiconductors,” said Biden. Because they can’t produce them quickly enough, the prices go up because there is less to sell.

Biden then named Tesla an example of American manufacturer that had invested.

Companies have made investments in America’s domestic manufacturing sector since 2021. Biden spoke of the iconic companies, GM and Ford that have built new electric cars, Tesla (the nation’s biggest electric vehicle producer), as well as innovative companies, like Rivian which makes electric trucks and Proterra which produces electric buses.”

Biden did not speak much about unions during Tuesday’s event, which was uncharacteristically. Although GM, Ford, Proterra and Proterra all have workers who are members of unions, Tesla is the only company that has such workers in America. isn’t unionized. Rivian’s workforce and those of other EV startups are alson’t currently organized.

Biden said, “Other nations recognize what’s occurring here. They are willing to also buy American. They are willing to place their bets on America and American workers. These workers built America’s middle class, earning high wages and good benefits.

Musk has vociferously opposed unions throughout his career as the CEO of Tesla.

The US National Labor Relations Board decided that Tesla violated the National Labor Relations Act in 2021. This was after Tesla prohibited employees speaking to the press without authorisation and Musk posted on Twitter that unionization would result in employees losing stock options.

Musk looked unimpressed and peevish on Tuesday after the speech of President Obama. Musk posted the link to an article on Tesla’s fan-site, to bring attention to President Trump on social media. This was to highlight that Tesla is the world’s best-selling electric car maker in 2021.

Christina Wilkie, CNBC contributed to this article.