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Super Bowl predicted to have the hugest audience yet: PredictHQ


Joe Burrow (9), Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, and Matthew Stafford (9 (L.)

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Projections for the 2022 Super Bowl, between the Los Angeles Rams (Chief Bengals) and Cincinnati Bengals (Chief Bengals), are impressive. It could reach an audience of record numbers and bettors on it could win $7 billion.

Data analytics company provides the viewership projection PredictHQThe National Football League’s Championship Game will be viewed by 117 million people on NBC. NBC is the Super Bowl host. This would represent a 21% increase over the 2021 Super Bowl which attracted 117 million viewers. 96.4 million viewersThe NFL has had the lowest number of viewers since 2007.

PredictHQ’s projections also predicted that it would surpass 2015’s top-rated Super Bowl, which featured the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots against the Seattle Seahawks. The contest was watched by 114million viewers and is still the top-rated show on NBC. in television history.

Campbell Brown, PredictHQ CEO of 2022 Super Bowl Projections said that although it is high, “it’s something our model have been looking at.” He added, “And we are always calibrating our models and making sure they’re on point.”

Super boal jacketed fan passes by the giant photograph of Los Angeles Rams Cooper Kupp, as part of the Super Bowl Experience held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Saturday, February 5, 2022.

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Using demand data

PredictHQ tracks consumer buying habits around live eventsForecasting demand is a key component of helping companies plan, UberRestaurants that offer quick service Dominos. The San Francisco-based tech company also has a deal with Amazon under whichPredictHQ’s software serves as Alexa’s “event brain” – helping the device answer inquiries about live events.

Brown claimed that Alexa was being fed the information because “we’re the ones doing it.” He added, “We are the only ones doing this.” “We are helping our customers to be more connected with the real world.”

PredictHQ uses buying behaviour to project Super Bowl 56. It also factors in star players and location.

PredictHQ predicts that Super Bowl 56 in California will reach approximately 13.3 Million viewers and Ohio will see 4.2million people. Ohio will also be viewing the game. It will be the first Super Bowl to include the Bengals since they were defeated by the 49ers in 1988. They are currently 0-2 in Super Bowl games.

Brown, who called PredictHQ “demand intelligence”, said PredictHQ had predicted last year’s Super Bowl viewing totals with a 99.6% accuracy rate just two weeks before.

—PredictHQ did not estimate viewership around the 2020 Super Bowl as it rolled out its demand intelligence product later that year. However, it projected viewership last month for the Kansas City Chiefs AFC Divisional Matchup.

Brown stated that PredictHQ had estimated that the AFC matchup would be seen by approximately 46 million people. Officially, the number was approximately 46 million viewers. 42.7 million viewersThe highest peak was 51.6 million. Brown claimed that PredictHQ projected the figure at “the sweet spot”.

After the 2020 pandemic that impacted sport in 2020, the NFL has seen a recovery for their 2021 season. Conference championship games were watched an average 49.6 million times per year by the league. It’s a 10 percent increase over 2020 and 16% higher than the 2019 conference championship games.

PredictHQ included the potential return of spectators in 2021. Brown predicts that this will make Super Bowl 56 even more interesting.

Some other firms also predict a strong business environment around Sunday’s football game.

Loop Capital Markets has been determined Bengals-Rams Super Bowl matchupThis would increase TV sales Best Buy. Macquarie Capital adds that NBC has sold all of its ad inventory. Some deals were priced at $7 million per thirty seconds. It’s much more than what it paid for inventory over 2021, which was $6.5million. and up fromThis is the $5,5 million ViacomCBS charged. It will air the match for the first-time since 2018.  

In a February 4, note to clients, the company stated, “This speaks to both the popularity and strength of this sport,” in its Feb. 4 letter to customers. Advertisers receive more value with their $7 million in advertising, which is broadcast on Telemundo as well as the Peacock stream.

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Sports betting projected to hit record handle

American Gaming Association provides information on gambling in sports. projectedOn Tuesday, a record 31.4 Million Americans bet $7.6 Billion on the Bengals-Rams matchup. It’s a significant increase from the $3.3 Billion wagered for the 2021 Super Bowl between Chiefs and Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

AGA projects that 55% will wager on Super Bowl 56 winning Rams, and 45% on Bengals. 

Jim McIngvale (also known as Mattress Mack), is still around. bet $4.5 millionOn the Bengals winning. FanDuel data shows that the Rams are the favourite to win the championship by less than four points, while 59% of their handle is for the Bengals. DraftKings also has 54% of its handle on Bengals at Tuesday’s date.

In 30 states, sports betting is legal. Washington D.C. finally made it legal last month. New York drew a record $1.6billion in bets. New Jersey was no longer the leading sports betting destination in America.