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Jan. 6 riot panel subpoenas Trump aide Peter Navarro for Biden win delay plot


Peter Navarro is the White House’s economic advisor and looks down from Air Force One while he waits for President Donald Trump to take him to New Jersey.

Joshua Roberts | Reuters

Peter Navarro was a trade advisor to the former President and received a subpoena from the House select committee looking into Jan. 6, Capitol riot. Donald Trump.

Wednesday’s committee statement stated that it wanted to question Navarro based upon his publicly available statements and independent reporting, that showed he was part of efforts to derail Congress’s certification for the 2020 election. The vote was won by President Trump. Joe Biden.

Steve Bannon, a former White House adviser to Donald Trump, was reportedly part of those efforts to reverse Biden’s victory.

 “In his book, Mr. Navarro described this plan as the ‘Green Bay Sweep,’ ” the panel noted in a statement.

In an interview Mr. Navarro reportedly said that Trump and’more than 100 members’ of Congress were ‘on board’ with the strategy. The Navarro Report is a report that Mr. Navarro released online. It contains three parts.

This panel will examine not only Trump’s Jan. 6th 2021 invasion of Capitol, but also its events and White House actions while it was taking place. A riot that lasted for several hours interrupted the confirmation of Biden’s victory by a joint session in Congress.

Representative Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the chairman of the Select Committee, stated that “Mr. Navarro seems to have information directly related to the Select Committee investigation into the causes for the January 6th attack at the Capitol”.

Thompson said that Navarro has been open about his participation in the efforts to change the outcome of the 2020 election. He even spoke out publicly about former President Barack Obama’s support. Thompson indicated that over 500 witnesses had provided details in our investigation. We expect Mr. Navarro too.”

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