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Why there aren’t enough policies to help the middle class


In America’s past, the middle class symbolized financial security and a promise of a better tomorrow. However, the American middle class portrait is very different.

Alissa Quart (author of “Squeezed”: Why Families Can’t afford America) stated that it was at most a safe category. [but]There are some assumptions about being middle-class that have been “shattered” in the last 10-15 years.

Experts believe the lack of supportive policies may be responsible for drastic changes in middle-income households.

Chantal Jacob is a suburban Texas parent who claims that there is “no help whatsoever.” It’s not clear that there is a policy to help people. It seems like once you have a job and you are working they will be like: “That’s all that you need. A job.” It’s your job, so go ahead and do it. “

Lawrence Mishel (distinguished fellow at the Economic Policy Institute) shares this sentiment. It wasn’t that the economy was worsening, but that some policy decisions were made that prevented economic growth from reaching the majority.

Biden’s administration has supported several bills that support middle-income households. This includes the bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure legislation. November 2021The Build Back Better Act is currently in effect stalledCongress. However, observers warn that it may not suffice to rescue the middle class now or in the future from economic hardship.

Jacob stated, “My friend who was struggling is still struggling.” I’m trying to make ends meet while still budgeting to the last dollar. “I feel that even though the changes are occurring, it’s slow enough for us not to see their effects.

The video will show you why America’s middle classes are feeling squeezed today.

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