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Coca-Cola (KO) Q4 2021 earnings


Coca-ColaExpected to release its fourth quarter results on Thursday before the bell.

Refinitiv surveyed Wall Street analysts and found that they are anticipating the following:

  • Earnings per share: 41 cents expected
  • Estimated revenue: $8.96B

Coke reported strong sales last quarter due to consumers visiting more restaurants, cinemas, and sporting arenas. Some of this progress may have been reversed by the introduction of the micron-based variant. Coke generates roughly half of its revenue on-premise, making it more vulnerable to Covid-related restrictions. PepsiCoIt is expected that, will also report earnings prior to the bell on Thursday.

James Quincey CEO at Coke stated that shares of the company are being punished by the business’s away-from home activities on CNBC. Shares have been steadily climbing upward over the last 2 months. They gained 11%. Stock has a market capitalization of $265 billion.

Coke is also facing inflation. As with other companies that produce consumer packaged goods, Coke faces higher freight and orange juice costs. Although Coke is strategically increasing prices in its portfolio, it could lead to consumers switching to private-label products.

Wall Street predicts that Wall Street will pay $2.43 per share for 2022 and generate revenue of $40.45 trillion.