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Super Bowl, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow on confidence


Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback, is known for wearing bold accessories and his ability to see the defenses of opponents.

It seems that not even his Super Bowl debut can change this mindset. Although the 2019 Heisman Trophy winner surely has a lot on his mind heading into Sunday’s game, he said he feels the same as he did before his high school state championships – if not “a little calmer.”

Burrow (25), said that at the end, “your mindset stays the the same,” during a Monday media conference. It was my biggest ever game, so it felt like everything is the same. I have had more experiences in these situations.”

Burrow’s conviction is not without merit. Burrow was the quarterback who led Louisiana State University’s 2020 college championship. His Bengals are competing in the Super Bowl in his second NFL season. 1988.

Since he entered the limelight playing for LSU, his self-assuredness – and lavish clothes – have become synonymous with the Burrow brand. In April 2020The newly crowned NCAA champ told Bleacher Report that he believed he could score between 12-15 points in an NBA match.

That trait was praised by Burrow this week as a valuable leadership ability. Burrow stated, “I believe at quarterback, I think that confidence might be one of the most important traits that you possess.”

Other athletes are also in agreement. Aqib Talalib, an ex-cornerback for the New England Patriots, said that FOX Sports’ “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” featured him. in 2019Tom Brady, then-quarterback, was a consistent practitioner of “[bred]Confidence” for the rest.

Psychology experts differ on this point. Adam Grant is a psychologist professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. 2021 TED TalkConfidence is only a key to success if an individual “acknowledges” it. [their] weaknesses.” 

Grant explained that we live in an age where competence is confused with confidence. Research has even indicated that those who are the most determined mountaineers may be more at risk of dying on their expeditions, as they will do anything to get to the top.

Burrow believes that his confidence is not innate. He explained that he has built his self-confidence over the years through practice and countless hours. Or, in other words, he wouldn’t be nearly as confident if he hadn’t worked so hard to improve — and then watched that hard work pay off.

He said, “I would not have the same confidence in myself if i didn’t work hard during the offseason and didn’t watch any films throughout the week.” “I also know that… everybody else on our team and on our coaching staff works really hard to put everybody in good positions to go make plays on Sunday. This is why I trust our boys the most.”

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