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NFL sponsors Nike, Pepsi dominate 2022 Super Bowl exposure


Von Miller #40 (Los Angeles Rams) holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium, February 13, 2022. Inglewood California. Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20.

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After beating the Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday’s victory saw Los Angeles Rams win their second Super Bowl. PepsiCo, Nike, and Bose also won as their logos were prominently displayed during the top-rated Super Bowl.

San Francisco’s software company Hive has teamed up with an international sports consultancy firm ElevateTo project the in-game media values around 2022 Super Bowl. CNBC was able to obtain an early report from 2022, which stated that brands were exposed to 170 million times in the Super Bowl. It’s a significant increase over last year’s video game that generated $169million in in-game revenue. The 2020 game also generated $143million.

Hive stated that more than 75 minute of screen time was given to brands during the Super Bowl 2022. This is a decrease from the 104 minute game last year, when there was no pandemic restriction.

Hive developed an artificial intelligence platform. tracks media sponsorshipsIt was then used by the software to watch the Super Bowls. In-content exposure is gaining popularity among sports leagues looking to drive revenueIn the meantime, it developed its MensioSoftware that tracks brand exposure beyond traditional advertisements, which air at sporting events.

“Nielsen is the currency for [measuring]Traditional commercials,” Hive president Dan Calpin said to CNBC. “We consider ourselves the gold standard in measuring brand exposure through in-content. There isn’t any currency right now.”

Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams, scores touchdown.

Mike Segar | Reuters

In-game Value Increasing

Hive’s report 2022 combined verbal and visual exposures during Super Bowl 56. NikeThe 2022 Super Bowl had 46 minutes of coverage. Bose was the top sponsor on the sidelines and had eight minutes.

Pepsi was able to get double exposure by having its brands appear in the Super Bowl of 2022. The beverage-maker sponsored the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime show – perhaps for the last time – featuring iconic hip-hop stars Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Hive believes that Pepsi and Gatorade were both on the screen for nine minutes. Its brand was mentioned an average of 11 times.

Toyota, VerizonNew Era and X-Men followed, with three minutes each of their in-game exposure. You can also find out more at SoFiHive estimated that the Hive had a value of $3.5 million for each minute of exposure to this player, who agreed to a $625m naming rights agreement with the Rams.

Calpin explained that although there’s a lot of attention on commercials and the water cooler conversation, some brands may not have air a commercial. People were also exposed to the ads in certain cases for several minutes. That’s why so many associate Nike, Gatorade or SoFi with Pepsi.

Mensio was developed by Hive in 2018. It is an “always on platform”, which records all televised content 24 hours a day. It tracks brand exposure using its logo detection model and posts highlights on social media.

Calpin stated that Hive uses metrics such as duration, quality, and size to determine brand valuation.

Hive recorded company logos everywhere in the Super Bowl of 2022. This included bottles, coolers and towels as well as tablets, cups, bags, helmets, headsets and signage at stadium/arena. Calpin stated that every 150 seconds worth of in-game exposure equals the equivalent of a 30-second advertisement.

NBC paid approximately $6.5 million to 2022 Super Bowl ads, while some brands paid a record $7 million for a 30-second ad. The company needs to surpass the $545 millionIn revenue ViacomCBSProduced during the 2021 Super Bowl.

Calpin stated that commercial ratings are only one part of the story. “They measure the viewership of traditional ads – 15 and 30 seconds – but ignore the brands that were exposed within the content itself.”

The changing landscape

Elevate used Super Bowl data provided by Hive for verification of valuations. Al Guido, 49ers team president runs Elevate.

Thomas Bernstein (executive vice president of insight at Elevate) said Hive data allows companies to get better “returns on objectives and return on investments” and help them “turn data in insights, into partnerships, and into sales.”

PitchBook estimates that Hive has a value of $2 billion. PitchBook estimates that Hive makes some revenue from licensing its software, which it sells to various companies. Disney, WalmartTop NFL Sponsor Anheuser-Busch. Hive has also reached agreements with Octagon and Comscore media measurement firms, as well as an advertising company Interpublic Group of CompaniesIPG, also known as.

Nielsen’s “gold-standard” TV measurement status in jeopardy,Calpin indicated that Hive would like to become the “industry accepted measurement practice” in terms of in-content measurements.

2017 was the year that the National Basketball Association launched its jersey patches program. This asset displays a company logo on uniforms worn by the NBA during games. The league also has its first virtual floor ads. These will appear on the court at all times during NBA games.

Major League Baseball plans to also use virtual ads in games. Additionally, the National Hockey League introduced its jersey patches and helmet assets. Tech companies like AppleThey are also using in-content exposure. Apple’s products are featured in shows like Ted Lasso on Apple TV+.

Calpin stated that “as video viewers shift to low- or no-ad platform like Netflix and HBO Max,” the importance of branded content will increase.

The 2022 Super Bowl viewership statistics should be made available by this week. This will provide media value for fans and additional media coverage. PredictHQ, an intelligence company that forecasts demand, predicted the game would be played. reach 117 million viewersThis would make it a new record.

Disclosure: CNBC is owned by NBCUniversal.