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No sign Putin has stopped his ‘march towards war’: Ex-U.S. ambassador


No indication exists that Russian President is on the horizon Vladimir PutinA former U.S. Ambassador to Russia stated that Russia will not tolerate aggression against Ukraine, in spite of recent negotiations with leaders around the world.

Michael McFaul (Director at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies) stated, “There is no indication that Putin has stopped marching towards war, or his preparedness to war.”

He told CNBC that all indications are that he is continuing to build his forces at all border and water borders, in support of Ukraine. “Squawk Box Asia”Tomorrow is Monday.

Russian troops are residing along Ukraine’s border for several months. This has prompted fears that Moscow might invade Ukraine to reopen the case of 2014’s annexation. Russia denied these claims.

Jake Sullivan (White House National Security Advisor) on Sunday the Kremlin has accelerated its military buildup in recent days.

The United States had previously declared Russia may fabricate an attack by Ukraine as a pretext for invading its neighbor.

McFaul claimed that Russia’s false flag attack is a “good tactic”, and it was not new. McFaul said that the U.S. warnings are credible, though Moscow denies the claims.

“I am impressed by the Biden Administration’s approach to this issue and their willingness to release information normally considered classified. He said that it suggested to him that the information was credible.


McFaul claimed that nobody knows the future of Russia-Ukraine tensions, or the reaction Moscow will take to U.S. and West sanctions.

“I don’t believe anyone knows. “I think there’s lots of uncertainty right now,” said he.

This is partly because Putin’s leader “is isolated,” he stated.

“Putin seems so alone, even within his country.” McFaul stated that Putin is not open to talking with advisors, and “we do not have much fidelity about what he thinks.”

— CNBC’s Amanda Macias contributed to this report.