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Amazon union election in Staten Island to begin in March


Signs are held by supporters and workers after they filed a petition requesting that an election be held to form a union in the Brooklyn Borough of New York. This was on Monday, October 25, 2021.

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AmazonAccording to the labor organization behind this effort, they will be facing a union election in one of their warehouses on New York Staten Island.

According to Amazon Labor Union (a labor organization that seeks to represent JFK8 employees), workers at Staten Island’s warehouse will vote between March 25-March 30.

According to the group’s tweet, the election will be held in person in a tent located outside of the warehouse. It’s an unusual departure from recent election protocol by the National Labor Relations Board. As a precautionary measure, many union drives were conducted via mail-in ballot in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic.

A spokesperson for the NLRB didn’t respond immediately to a request.

Amazon’s Bessemer warehouse in Alabama is undergoing a union drive. The NLRB began distributingBessemer warehouse workers received ballots earlier in the month as part of an order by the labor agency to rerun elections after Amazon was found to have improperly interfered in an election held last year. On March 28, the votes will be counted.

A second potential labor dispute is awaiting it on Staten Island. ALU announced its intentions earlier in the month. filed a petitionAn election can be held at a local facility called LDJ5.

ALU is comprised of former and current Amazon employees. Chris Smalls was a JFK8 management assistant. who was fired in March of 2020. Amazon claimed that Smalls was dismissed for violating company policies. However, he was fired because he violated company policies. firing attracted scrutiny nationwideHe was dismissed by lawmakers and labor advocates for criticizing conditions in the workplace.

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