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Billance Launches The Safest Digital Asset Trading Platform

Billance allows users to invest so they can realize tangible and real profits, but without fear of losing their money. This could be due to many factors such as market volatility or scammers trying to scam you.

Billance and industry experts, as well as their community members, developed a strategy for addressing such fears.

Billance is trusted and tested. Billance has pioneered new technology and algorithms that make it one of the most trusted digital asset platforms available to global investors. The core aggregation engine is one of the best in its class, making it an industry leader.

It is equipped with high-speed processing speed and fault tolerance to help solve any issues related to large volumes of settlements or transactions. Investors have an easier way to sell and buy more efficiently.

Billance is better than any of its competitors.

Transaktion security

Billance offers investors high security and professional firewall services. The platform allows users to easily exchange and buy digital assets via autopilot, and transactions are secure and safe. Billance prohibits illegal transactions and flags suspicious accounts to deactivate or delete them quickly. This helps reduce fraud and deception.

Liquidity high

The billance perpetual contract offers high leverage multipliers, which helps to prevent positions being liquidated. The maintenance margin, which is the minimum margin that trader can keep in their positions, refers to the percentage of the current position value. Minimum maintenance margin of 0.5% for higher positions is the norm. By transferring USDT the right amount to the appropriate contract account, the liquidation rates can be adjusted. However liquidation must not exceed a minimum. Billance uses real-time mark price to prevent liquidations due to lack of liquidity or volatility. Billance can cancel unexecuted order and will release margin to allow investors to maintain positions. Investors are able to trade in the best market depth and extreme market conditions if liquidation is initiated.

Platform Security

Billance made it their primary goal to ensure that the platform and all its users have the best security and peace-of-mind possible.

A $20 million insurance fund has also been established, which allows payments to be made in 24 hours. It compensates users immediately for all losses.

24/7 Customer Service That’s Efficient

Customer service is extremely professional. They are always aware and ready to help with any problem or issue that arises. They respond immediately to any questions, concerns, complaints or messages, and they do so on a 24/7 basis. The average response time is 5 minutes. We understand our customers and the business we provide service.

Professional Quantitative Team

You can trust our team of experienced and highly qualified professionals to make your trading journey smooth. They do this in an approach that’s both supportive and caring. This ensures that you feel confident, supported, and not let down. Our users are our priority.

Insurance Fund

A $20 million insurance fund has been set up to pay for any loss. Payments will be made within 24 hours. It is an important safety feature we are confident our users will appreciate.

The Perfect Partner Rebate Program

Billance offers a unique partner rebate system. Traders get a portion and/or bonus when they either sell or achieve a specific level for a set of purchases. However, it is dependent on how much they do transactions and how these transactions end up materializing.

Diverse Quantitative Market Making Solutions

Billance can provide market-making options and solutions. This includes limiting orders.

This platform also offers services for high-frequency markets-making that differ from traditional ones. It considers high trading volume and competition between market-makers to determine how a strategy’s performance is affected by it.

Intelligent Matching System

Billance’s matching platform ensures that the site runs smoothly and is easy to use. It also offers level trading opportunities in milliseconds. These two features make Billance’s platform more efficient from an overall matching perspective.



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