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Ukraine denies Russian state media claims that it shelled separatists, accuses rebels of attack


An officer of the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service watches the Senkivka checkpoint, near the border with Belarus in the Chernihiv Region, Ukraine. February 16, 2022.

Valentyn Ogirenko | Reuters

Russian media claims that Ukraine launched bombs into eastern Ukraine have been denied by Ukraine. Moscow-backed rebels were accused of attacking a village within the area.

Russian-controlled media agency RIA said Thursday that Ukrainian forces shelled territories held by pro-Russian rebels. At the moment, the cease-fire agreement between these two countries is in effect.

Reuters reported that the Ukrainian Join Forces Operation had denied this.

Dmytro Kuleba (Ukraine’s Foreign Minister) tweeted Thursday that Russian-backed troops had attacked a village east of Ukraine and damaged civilian infrastructure.

Ukrainian Stanytsia Luhanska Village was bombarded by heavy weapons from Donbas. His tweet stated that civil infrastructure was damaged.

“We urge all of our partners to quickly condemn Russia’s severe violation Minsk agreements amid already difficult security conditions.”

CNBC could not independently verify the reports. Reuters reports that the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, (OSCE), recorded numerous shelling incidents in eastern Ukraine in early Thursday morning.

The front between the two sides has long been the scene of low-level fighting and the OSCE has regularly reported violations of the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine during the eight-year conflict.

Washington warned Wednesday that Moscow might use the conflict between eastern Ukraine and Russia as an excuse for invading the country.

Ned Price, spokesperson for the State Department, stated that “over the last few weeks we’ve witnessed Russian officials and Russian journalists plant many stories in the media, which could be elevated in order to serve as an excuse for an invasion.”

In conflict between pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine and the Ukrainian government, approximately 13,000 Ukrainians died.