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My kids won’t wear Covid masks in school when mandate lifts later this month


Dr. Scott GottliebCNBC interviewed him on Friday to say that his children would not be wearing masks when the Covid skin-covering mandate in their district is lifted later this year.

“If they make it optional, then I don’t think many kids will. Some might, but we must respect their decision. Gottlieb is a current member of Pfizer’s Covid board and former Head of the Food and Drug Administration.

Connecticut is where Gottlieb resides. will be liftingIts mask statewide mandate was issued on February 28. This allowed schools to make their own decisions about whether or not to keep masks. According to him, his local school district had lifted the mask ordinance in accordance with state guidelines.

Gottlieb comments about “Squawk Box” was born as states and communities began to permit people to be uncovered as daily Covid cases decline and the omicron variant wave has died down.

Johns Hopkins University’s data shows that the U.S. average for seven days of 118 323 new infections per daily dropped 44% over a week ago. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Wednesday that they are committed to improving the case count situation. give people a breakFrom mask-wearing. The CDC is currently reviewing its guidance and focusing on Covid hospitalizations (which are also in decline) as a key metric to help decide on safety protocols.

On CNBC earlier this monthGottlieb called on the CDC’s to update its mask guidance. He suggested that schools should consider dumping mandates, given the country’s high immunity. The delay could lead to a lost opportunity for normalcy, before summer breaks begin.

Gottlieb stated Friday to CNBC that when it comes to public entry Gottlieb will be wearing a mask to lessen the fear of others contracting the virus.

He said that he would probably wear the mask for a bit more than I should based on its overall risk. However, he believes it is a matter of good etiquette. When I walk into a pharmacy or store and see people wearing masks, it is more comforting.

He added, “I’ll make it happen in my local community.” It’s now a common standard in the community and community. However, I believe that many people will choose to not wear it.

Disclosure: Scott Gottlieb, a CNBC contributor, is a member the Pfizer and genetic testing startup Tempus boards, as well as Aetion, Aetion, and Aetion, a health-care technology company. Illumina. He serves also as the co-chair Norwegian Cruise Line HoldingsRoyal Caribbean“Healthy Sail Panel”