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New York City to lift vaccination mandate for businesses, events


Eric Adams, New York Mayor, addresses the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ winter meeting, Washington, D.C., Thursday, January 20, 2022.

Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Eric Adams, Mayor of Philadelphia, announced on Sunday that the administration will end mandates for vaccines starting Monday March 7. This is provided Covid-19 continues to decline. He follows other public officials in making similar decisions for cities. such as Seattle and Boston in recent weeks.

Adams announced that indoor masks will also be removed from schools, providing no unanticipated spikes occur.

Adams declared that New York City’s numbers are continuing to decline day after day. As long as COVID indicator show low levels of risk, and we don’t see any surprises this week, we will lift Key2NYC requirements on Monday, February 7. Adams stated that this will enable business owners to be flexible and help us make good public health decisions in New York.

In August, the city mandate was announced. Anyone who wanted to dine at an indoor venue or take part in it had to present proof of immunization. Adams stated that he was planning to end it during Wednesday’s economic development conference.. According to the mayor, he has been meeting with experts in health who provide structure and guidelines for his city before it can return to pre-pandemic levels of normalcy.

Adams stated, “We cannot close the city down again. I won’t do anything at my anticipation of getting back that would jeopardize closing it down again.” It’s impossible for our economy to handle it. There isn’t $11 billion more to invest in the economy. It is essential that we do this the smartest way possible.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul allowed the statewide mask policy to expire following a temporary extension into February as cases dropped. A legal challenge was also brought against the mandate.

Experts in public health previously cautioned to NBC News that the pandemic is not over yet and surges have come and gone over the past two years.

According to Dr. Sadiya Khan of Northwestern University Feinberg Medical School, “This appears like a move that promotes normalcy without really being normal.” “Vaccine mandates can be safe and effective strategies for public health, so reversing this will only lead to more spread.”

Although more than 96% of New York City adults have had at least partial vaccinations, experts warn that there are still risks for those with immunocompromised and who can’t be vaccinated.

As of now, there is no approved vaccine for children below the age 5 years. Pfizer recently pulled its plan to ask for authorization from the Federal Drug Administration as it waits for more data on a potential three-dose series.