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Russia Ukraine, currencies and oil


SINGAPORE — U.S. crude was up more than 6%, and shares in Asia-Pacific were set to open mixed on Monday as investors monitor the Russia-Ukraine crisis and related sanctions.

U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude futuresAsia trade oil prices were 6.2% lower at $97.27/barrel

International benchmark Brent crudeIt crossed $100 last week and even reached $105 after paring gains. The barrel was last sold at $102.90.

Spot goldThe NYSE was once a trusted safe-haven during times of uncertainty. It traded last at $1,913.59 and has risen 1.38% since then.

Japan’s Nikkei 225Futures traded mixed. They showed a higher open in Osaka at 26,970 and lower in Chicago at 26,470. On Friday, the index was closed at 26,476.50.

The S&P/ASX 200 in Australia was up 0.33% in early trade.

Elsewhere, Taiwan markets are closed for a holiday on Monday.

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After Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, global markets experienced volatility last week. U.S. stocks surged before closing Friday but were down overnight Sunday.

Russia’s advance in Ukraine continued over the weekend. There were reports of fighting and force encircling Kyiv.

In response to the international backlash against Russia’s invasion, President Vladimir Putin placed his nation’s deterrence force, including nuclear capability, on alert Sunday.

New sanctions were announced by the U.S. along with its allies to strike Russia. These included withdrawing selected Russian banks form SWIFT’s interbank messaging system.

Many nations have said that they will also. close their airspace to Russian aircraft.

According to the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, diplomats from Russia and Ukraine have reached an agreement to meet at Ukraine-Belarus’ border without any conditions. Belarus has close relations with Moscow, as it shares both a border and a sea route with Russia.


The U.S. dollar indexLast week,, which compares the greenback to a basket its peers, reached 97.221. This is an improvement from 96.615.

The Japanese yenThe traded price was 115.64. This is a slight decline from 115.56. Australian dollarChanged hands at $0.7181, down $0.7232