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Freedom will prevail in Ukraine


In Bulgaria on February 27, 2022, people painted over the Soviet Army monument using Ukrainian flag colors.

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Ten ambassadors and high-commissaries residing in Singapore wrote the following comment:

  • Kateryna Zlenko, Ukrainian Ambassador in Singapore
  • William Hodgman is the High Commissioner for Australia to Singapore
  • Jean-Dominique Ieraci High Commissioner Canada to Singapore
  • Iwona Piórko, European Union Ambassador to Singapore, on behalf of the ambassadors to Singapore of all EU member states
  • Jun Yamazaki, Japan’s Ambassador to Singapore
  • Jo Tyndall High Commissioner New Zealand, Singapore
  • Eivind S.Homme, Ambassador of Norway to Singapore
  • Mehmet Burçin Gönenli, Ambassador of Turkey
  • Kara Owen is High Commissioner for the United Kingdom to Singapore
  • Jonathan Kaplan is the United States Ambassador in Singapore

Allies, EU and G-7 join forces to denounce Russia’s premeditated unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

The pain and suffering we are witnessing in Europe today—the shattering of peace and stability—affects all of us around the world. As Russia’s premeditated, unprovoked, and unjustified invasion of Ukraine continues, let us be clear – Russian President Vladimir Putin has chosen a war that will bring catastrophic loss of life and suffering to innocent human beings. As the Ukrainian people are subject to a devastating attack from Russia’s military, the entire world is there for them.

Putin was planning the invasion for several months. He directed the movement of more than 175,000 troops and military equipment into positions along the Ukrainian border – the largest buildup of military forces in Europe since World War II. Putin flagrantly violated international law when he decreed Russia would recognize the purported “independence” of two so-called “republics” on Ukraine’s sovereign territory – “republics” Russia has propped up and controlled through political and armed proxies since 2014. These were falsely staged political theatre, centred on baseless claims and designed to give Russia the excuse it needed for a full-scale invasion. This isn’t a foolproof plan.

At Putin’s direction, Russia rejected every good faith effort Ukraine, the United States, the European Union, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and allies and partners made to address Russia’s alleged mutual security concerns – which Russia’s actions have proven to be no more than a pretext. We called on Russia to be diplomatic, prevent unnecessary conflict and avoid human suffering. Despite the fact that the UNSC was meeting in support of Ukrainian sovereignty, Putin declared war.

Russia’s air and ground bombings, troop deployments, as well as tank assaults on Ukrainian cities have now indiscriminately struck. Incalculable losses will be incurred by the Ukrainian people as a result of Russia’s invasion. Many credible reports have been made about the destruction of kindergartens, orphanages, hospitals and other facilities by Russian forces.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an egregious violation of international law. We as an international community pledge to uphold the following principles: sovereignty of the nation, territorial integrity and freedom of the states to decide on their security and foreign policy. Singapore’s friends share our deep concerns. They have also stressed the importance of maintaining international law and the rules-based system. This is evident in their decision to place export restrictions and to block certain Russian financial institutions and banks that are connected to Russia.

Russia is the only one responsible for this invading force. The ambassadors and high commissions of the Group of Seven, European Union, its member states, as well as allies and friends of Ukraine stand against Russia’s illegal invasion. All countries responded in unison and decisive ways. The Kremlin is going to be accountable for the actions of our leaders.

Tiergarten park is the scene of protests by thousands against Ukraine’s ongoing war on February 27th, 2022 at Berlin.

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United States, 27 European Union member countries, Canada and Japan are united in impeding massive economic losses on Russia. On February 24, leaders from the Group of Seven met and decided to reduce Russia’s business opportunities in the United States. USD, EUR, Pounds and Yen. Russia will be unable to participate in the global economy, and Russia’s ability is limited to finance its own military.

G7 members and European Union also took steps to put in place strong sanctions as well as new restrictions regarding what can be exported from Russia. We cut major Russian banks out of the international financial system, and we sanctioned more Russian elites as well as their families. We also stopped the Russian government – and its state-owned enterprises – from raising money from United States or European investors, and plan to cut off more than half of Russia’s high-tech imports.

Similar measures are being taken by our allies and other partners. This unified action will restrict Russia’s ability to access finance and technology in strategic areas of its economy. It will also isolate Russia from global financial activities and reduce its industrial potential for many years.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg addresses a press conference about Russia’s attack against Ukraine in Brussels, Belgium, February 24, 2022.

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Together, we’re preparing to do even more. NATO allies will defend themselves. Already thousands of troops have been sent to Germany and Poland by the United States. They also authorized deployment of air and ground forces from Europe to NATO’s eastern flank Allies. NATO Allies and Partners are also increasing their forces and capabilities in order to collectively ensure security. These actions, according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, show that NATO’s collective defense obligation is unwavering and that all its members stand together for their freedoms and interests.

The coming weeks and months will be hard for the people of Ukraine – Putin has unleashed great pain and suffering on them. The Ukrainian people, however, have experienced 30 years of independence. They are not willing to tolerate any attempt to bring their country down.

The entire world now clearly sees Putin’s intentions – it was never about genuine security concerns, but about protecting a corrupt, authoritarian worldview, and forcing that system on a peaceful neighboring country. Putin’s actions betray this sinister vision for the future of the world – one where nations take what they want by force, and prey on and seek to exploit their neighbors simply because they can. Not only is his vision affecting the foundations for the international order, but also in Asia.

The world’s nations will unite to resist this vision, making us stronger, more united and determined. Russia will pay a heavy price for Putin’s actions in Ukraine. Putin cannot extinguish freedom, democracy and human dignity. They will continue to exist. It is certain that freedom and Ukraine will triumph.