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Kyiv, Kharkiv remain in Ukrainian control despite Russian onslaught


Ukrainian soldiers at the tiny town of Severodonetsk in Donetsk Region, February 27, 2022

Anatolii Stepanov | AFP | Getty Images

The defenders of the smaller country are continuing to resist Russian attacks on Ukraine’s major cities, more than four days after Russia invaded Ukraine.

According to The, Ukraine maintains its control over capital Kyiv as well as Kharkiv (its second-biggest), despite intense fighting. latest intelligence update from the U.K. Defence Ministry.

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The ministry stated that Russian forces were continuing to move into Ukraine via multiple axes, but they are still being met by stiff resistance from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

NBC News reported Mykola Povoroznyk as Kyiv’s first deputy head. He stated that “The Situation in Kyiv Is calm. The capital is totally controlled by the Ukrainian Army and Defense.”

It is difficult to determine individual military accounts as there are many areas of Ukraine that remain inaccessible, and also because the terrain changes continuously.

According to U.K. Defence Ministry officials, Kharkiv’s regional governor and Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, there was heavy fighting around Kharkiv.

A senior U.S. Defense official stated Sunday that Ukrainian defenders still hold Kherson as a target by Moscow planners.

The Defense official stated that Russian advances had been slowed down by “fuel shortages and logistics, particularly in Kharkiv, as well as the advance to Kyiv”.

Vladimir Putin ordered Ukraine’s invasion last week. UN Security Council met in emergency session to head off war using diplomatic means.

Seitdem, America has been European UnionAnd even GermanyNew weapons will be shipped to Ukraine, as Ukraine’s defenders stubbornly resist the Russian invasion.

From: New economic sanctions against Russia Western corporationsAs well as the governments, they continue to grow each day.

The Russian President repeatedly requested that Ukraine be denied membership to NATO, despite the fact that U.S intelligence had predicted an invasion within weeks of Putin’s order.

U.S. Secretary Of Defense Lloyd Austin said that Mr. Putin stated that he didn’t want NATO to be strong on Russia’s western flank. a statement from the PentagonSunday evening ET He’s doing exactly what he said.

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