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Russia suspended from international soccer over Ukraine invasion


Russia’s Aleksandr Erokhin with Grigoris Kastanos of Cyprus, Gazprom Arena Saint Petersburg, Russia. November 11, 2021.

Anton Vaganov | Reuters

Major governing bodies in Russia have suspended Russia’s soccer team from all international competition Monday due to the invasion of Ukraine.

Russia’s national football team is now barred from the 2022 World Cup.

Russia was set to contest for one of those slots in the quadrennial competition that European countries will have to share in Qatar.

Russia’s national soccer team was suspended from international soccer play along with club soccer teams. This suspension was imposed by FIFA (the world’s governing body of soccer) and UEFA (which oversees European soccer.

Prior to Monday’s announcement FIFA had faced criticism on Sunday for a decision to allow Russia to continue competing for a World Cup sloThe play-off between Poland and Russia was scheduled for next month.

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They jointly stated Monday that “Following preliminary decisions taken by FIFA Council & UEFA Executive Committee and which were intended to adopt additional measures, FIFA & UEFA have now decided together that all Russian team, regardless of whether they are national representatives or club teams will be prohibited from participating in FIFA competitions and UEFA competitions till further notice.”

According to the groups, “Football stands united in Ukraine” and is in complete solidarity with those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. “Both Presidents wish that Ukraine is improving rapidly and significantly so that football becomes a source of unity and peace between people.”