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Factbox-Key federal and state races to watch in Tuesday’s Texas primary -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO – Texas Governor Greg Abbott spoke in Dallas (Texas), U.S.A, May 4, 2018. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo


Joseph Ax

(Reuters] – Texas will hold its first primary contest of 2022 in Texas, eight months prior to the midterm election that will determine the control of the U.S. Congress along with the governors for 36 other states.

Texas law stipulates that no candidate can win a majority in any election if they do not receive the required number of votes. The two highest finishers go on to the runoff, which takes place May 24, according to Texas law. Below are key races that you need to keep an eye on:


According to polls, Greg Abbott, the Republican Governor of Texas is most likely not to face his leading rivals, Don Huffines and Allen West (ex-Texas Republican Party Chairman). Each have attempted to paint Abbott as too conservative.


Former U.S. Representative Beto Olson, who has no major opposition, is focusing his criticisms on Abbott. He accuses him of not fixing the power grid, which failed catastrophically during last year’s deadly winter storms.


Since his 2015 indictment on charges of state securities fraud, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton won one reelection election campaign. He faces three notable oppositions this time: George P. Bush (grandson of ex-President George H. W. Bush); Eva Guzman (ex-state Supreme Court Justice) and Louie Gohmert, the firebrand U.S Representative.


In 2020, Van Taylor won Texas’ third district seat for the Republican. Trump was barely ahead of Taylor in that area. Taylor’s vote in support of the formation of an independent committee to investigate Trump supporters’ Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol has drawn opposition from Republican Republicans who claim he betrayed the former president and his party.

The suburban Dallas area is now significantly more conservative than it was in 2022. This could make Taylor susceptible to right-leaning challengers. Keith Self is Taylor’s main rival. Self was a former Collin County judge who attacked Taylor for voting yes, even though it failed in the Senate. The Jan. 6 investigation has been launched by the House Democrats.


Many top Republicans in Texas have split between the two most prominent candidates to replace Kevin Brady, a 13-term incumbent Congressman from the Republican 8th District. This district is north of Houston and contains a large number of Republican voters.

Morgan Luttrell (a former Navy SEAL) is supported by a committee connected to Republican congressional leadership as well as Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw. Luttrell is twin to Marcus Luttrell who was a Navy SEAL. He also wrote “Lone Survivor,” a bestselling memoir.

Christian Collins is a conservative activist who is being supported by the House’s Freedom Caucus campaign arm.


Although the 15th District is long and stretches from San Antonio to the Rio Grande south, it is currently held by Democrats. However, Trump’s surprise strength among Hispanic Texans was enough to make 2020 competitive. Vicente Gonzalez, the incumbent, chose to run for reelection at the 34th District. This left half a dozen Democrats competing for the nomination.

Monica De La Cruz is the Republican front-runner, narrowly losing to Gonzalez in 2020. This race may be the most tightly contested in state history for the congressional seat.


Following a closely fought 2020 election, South Texas’ Democratic 28th District primary will feature a rematch. Jessica Cisneros will once again face Henry Cuellar (one of the most conservative Democrats on the House), and will compete against her nine-term opponent.

Cisneros has received a boost from a January FBI raid on Cuellar’s home. Cuellar hasn’t commented and Cuellar hasn’t been charged. However, he has stated that he feels confident that he will be freed from any wrongdoing.


A test for the party’s left will come in the 35th District which is solidly Democratic and stretches from San Antonio to Austin. Greg Casar (a Democratic Socialist and an ex-Austin City Council Member) is supported by high-profile liberals like U.S. OcasioCortez and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Casar faces several challengers, including state Representative Eddie Rodriguez. Lloyd Doggett (Democratic incumbent) has chosen to run for the new 37th District, which is based in Austin.


Due to Texas’ growing population, this is one of two new congress seats. The 38th District extends northwest from Houston. Republicans drew it to be conservative.

Wesley Hunt (a Black conservative, Army vet, who narrowly lost in 2020 to Lizzie Fletcher in a race that received national attention) has been elected the top Republican candidate. Cruz and House Republican leaders have endorsed him. But he has many challenges.