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Huge convoy of Russian vehicles approaching Kyiv


Russia appears to be advancing in its invasion of Ukraine with satellite imagery indicating that a huge convoy — some 40 miles or 65 kilometers long — of Russian military vehicles is heading towards Ukraine’s capital Kyiv.

U.S. firm Maxar Technologies captured the following satellite image on Monday. It appears to show a convoy of Russian armored tanks and trucks that stretches from Pybirsk, further north of Kyiv, to the Antonov airport (also known as the Hostemel airport — the site of fighting last week between Russian and Ukrainian forces) on the northeast outskirts of the Ukrainian capital.

These satellite images show that a massive convoy of Russian cars is making its way towards Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Some parts of the convoy appear to have vehicles traveling in a three- or four-way fashion. The distance along the road is approximately 40 miles.

Be aware that Ukraine’s situation is rapidly changing and could be very different from what you see in the images. These pictures show the convoy Sunday and Monday.

Maxar Technologies captured the images below on Sunday. The convoy appears to not cover as much area at this stage, and the cloud cover prevents us from seeing the entire area.

On February 27, 2022, large numbers of Russian military vehicles were seen in a convoy north of Ivankiv. The vehicles are moving in the direction of Kyiv—approximately 40 miles away. The convoy—which extends for more than 3.25 miles–contains fuel, logistics and armored vehiclesand is traveling along the P-02-02 roadand moving towards Ivankiv.

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An impressive Russian military vehicle convoy, with hundreds of vehicles, is seen northeast of Ivankiv in Ukraine, February 27, 2022.

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While official sources cannot confirm that the convoy exists, it is believed it indicates Russia may be preparing for a major assault on Kyiv.

Maxar also shows additional military activity in south Belarus. This country borders Ukraine, and it is an ally to Russia. The images show ground forces and ground attack helicopter units. Again, official sources have not confirmed whether these units — or Belarus more broadly — is preparing to join Russian forces in an assault on Ukraine.

Is Ukraine ready to take on the world?

Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday, and has attacked several cities in its north, east, and south regions. Analysts have indicated that Russia made less progress than expected in its invasion of Ukraine and met with more resistance.

Russia may launch an even more aggressive assault on Kyiv’s capital, but it is not clear how the civilian resistance and armed forces of Ukraine will respond.

Pentagon noted that Kremlin was being observed still wants its troops to capture KyivDespite the strong resistance of Ukraine.

A senior Defense official said Monday that there are all indications that the Ukrainians want to seize Kyiv. He spoke on condition that he not be identified in order to provide more details about the Pentagon’s assessments.

Teneo Intelligence’s analysts also concluded Monday that while “the Kremlin seems to be determined to remove Ukraine’s political leadership”, the Russian military force movement suggests plans for new and likely more severe military action against Kyiv and other major cities over the coming days.

There were peace talks held Monday between Ukrainian and Russian delegates in Belarus. While no agreement was reached, there are still hopes that the talks will go on in the days ahead.

Ukraine for its part pledged not to surrender to Russia, and demanded an urgent cease-fire.

“Ukraine is willing to continue searching for a diplomatic resolution, but Ukraine is not ready to surrender or capitulate“Yes,” Dmytro Kuleba, Foreign Minister of Russia told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble Monday.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine had expressed concern about the outcome and Kuleba stated to CNBC that he didn’t know if the talks would succeed.

Kuleba explained, “I’m diplomat. I must believe in talks’ success. But my main objective as diplomat now is to impose further sanctions on Russia, bring more weapons and isolate Russia in the international arena.

“We do not stand for our own interests, we also support the order of the world as we know it.”

According to the foreign minister, “every 24-hours are critical, because Russia is increasing its military might against Ukraine, hundreds upon tanks moving into it, they dominate and control the skies with bombers, rockets and missiles that are being thrown at our peaceful cities. Civilians are being killed but we fight on.”

He declared that war has become a real people’s war against Russian aggression.

Russia’s air and ground attacks have already been launched, and major cities are reporting damage and shelling to their buildings. Each side has claimed that their soldiers were killed. Ukraine also reported that hundreds of its citizens died in Russian attacks.

A large number of Ukrainians have fled Ukraine in search of safety and security in Eastern Europe after the invasion. However, many people have stayed to protect their country and homes.

Amanda Macias from CNBC contributed reporting for this article.