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Bipartisan state AGs investigating TikTok’s impact on kids and teens


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An bipartisan team of state attorneys general is investigating TikTok, in an effort to find out if TikTok’s operations and design have a negative effect on young people’s mental or physical well-being.

AGs want to determine if short-form videos app contravened state consumer protection law.

This investigation provides further evidence that there is momentum for stronger protections online for children. Tuesday night’s President Joe Biden made clear that he wanted to ban targeted advertising for children via social media. State of the Union address.

Frances Haugen is a former employee of Facebook who leaked documents inside the company that revealed the company’s financial situation. research into the impacts of its products on teens’ mental healthThe speech featured a special guest, namely. The testimony of her before Congress sparked a series d hearings between tech executives and discussed the various ways that they try to protect kids through their platforms. It even inspired new legislationTo require additional guardrails for children on the internet.

Massachusetts AG Maura Shealey said that children and teenagers already struggle with anxiety and social pressure and depression. The coalition’s leader, she also stated in a statement.

According to Healey’s press release, the AGs will investigate potential harms that young users of the app may have and how TikTok was able to address those issues. This will also include looking into the techniques TikTok uses in order to increase engagement, frequency and time spent on the app.

TikTok spokeswoman said that they care deeply about creating an experience that supports the well-being and protection of the community. She also appreciated that state attorneys general were focusing their attention on safety for younger users. We look forward to sharing information about the safety and privacy safeguards that we offer teens.

This probe will be led by the attorneys general of California, Florida and Kentucky as well as Nebraska, New Jersey, Tennessee, Vermont, and Nebraska.

Also, the same group can also be leading an investigation into Facebook-owner MetaThey are accused of promoting Instagram to youth users, despite the potential dangers. Many states AGs were involved in similar activities before. urgedThe company has canceled plans to create an Instagram channel for kids, which it had not yet fully committed to.

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