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Meta says today’s cellular networks aren’t ready for the metaverse


Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook. He speaks at the Facebook Connect virtual event in New York, Oct. 28-2021, when the company announces its new branding as Meta.

Michael Nagle | Bloomberg | Getty Images

MetaFacebook, now referred to as ”metaverse’, stated that it will not be possible to achieve its ambitious goal of creating the ultimate metaverse if today’s telecoms networks aren’t improved.

Metaverse is the latest buzzword in technology. The concept is a virtual seamless world in which people can shop, work and socialize with friends, colleagues and other users.

CNBC interviewed Dan Rabinovitsj at Meta’s Mobile World Congress tech conference Monday to discuss connectivity.

He said that Meta was also in contact with its cellular partners and “we’re working closely together with our colleagues” to determine the next steps for innovation.

Rabinovitsj stated that it is harder for the telecom industry to innovate faster than other markets if you look closely at its pace. One of the things we have attempted to change is the trend of innovation.

Even though a real metaverse doesn’t yet exist, early projects offer hints into its potential. Oculus VR headsets from Meta are being hailed by some as the gateway to these metaverse adventures. However, the experience requires low latency as well as faster upload- and download speeds.

Rabinovitsj stated that “we need to create a common language about the performance of network,” We believe in measuring as a foundational part of the next stage.

Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg and CEO stated in Sunday’s statement that to create a real sense of presence through virtual worlds using smart glasses or VR headsets, it will take massive advancements in connectivity.

Zuckerberg stated that this would require “greater than any step change we’ve ever seen,” and added that immersive video streaming on a large scale will require entirely new networks. 

In response, AT&T Executive Vice President David Christopher told CNBC that 5G is being deployed faster than 4G was, adding that there is “massive investment across operators.”

Networks already have low latency, high speeds, and large capacity. Christopher stated that this will continue to improve in the next decade, allowing for many different use cases and immersive experiences across many industries.

“However Metaverse evolves, it will depend upon innovation and interoperability in many sectors. Advanced connectivity from 5G is an essential component.