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U.S. to ban Russian flights from American airspace, officials say


U.S. Vice President Joe Biden takes a pause during his speech at Black History Month Celebration at the White House Washington, U.S.A. on February 28, 2022.

Kevin Lamarque | Reuters

According to industry and government officials, the United States government will announce a ban against Russian flights in American airspace.

Sources said that although the exact timing of the event is not known, it is likely to occur within 24 hours.

United Airlines, along with other U.S. major carriers, announced Tuesday night that they had temporarily suspended flights above Russian airspace.

Although the White House refused to comment on this matter, it held lengthy talks with U.S. carriers in recent days.

United Airlines had flown over Russian airspace in order to continue to provide services to India. United Parcel Service and American Airlines all confirmed this week that flights had been halted over Russia by Delta Air Lines.

FedEx didn’t respond Tuesday to queries from emailers asking it if Russia was under its control.

United will cancel two flights from India to Tuesday and Wednesday, as it examines whether it is possible to continue operations via an alternative route that doesn’t use Russian airspace.

According to sources, White House officials asked privately if this move would cause damage to U.S. supply chains and other adverse effects.