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Here’s where the jobs are for February 2022 — in one chart


The leisure, hospitality and health care sectors saw strong hiring. job growth surgeIn February

More than 179,000 new jobs were created in the leisure and hospitality industry, which has been particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is just the latest of a long string of positive numbers in the sector which includes restaurants and hotels as well casinos and theme park attractions.

The sector saw restaurants, bars and hotels add nearly 124,000 jobs. Meanwhile, accommodation and lodging business added approximately 28,000.

The sector has a shortage of 1.5 million jobs due to business closings in 2020. This is compared to February 2020’s employment level.

With the creation of approximately 94,000 new jobs, February saw robust employment growth in the health-care industry and in social services. There was a lot of employment growth in private clinics, home healthcare services and other clinical offices. The employment in healthcare is at a 1.9% decline from February 2020.

The Labor Department measured 95,000 jobs last month in the professional and business service industry. Nearly 36,000 workers are considered “temporary support services”, which are usually hired for a temporary contract.

Last month saw an increase of 12,000 in employment for company managements, as well as nearly 10,000 consultants.

Brian Deese was President Joe Biden’s Director of the National Economic Council. He applauded the strong job report.

“Overall, this is a strong report,” said he. “The gains in job opportunities were widespread. … Americans are getting back to work, and there are signs they’re returning to the workplace.”

Deese was one of the President’s Top Economic Advisors.

In February, after a slow January, there were 60,000 more jobs available in the construction industry. The hiring of specialist trade contractors accounted for 75%, which was accompanied by increases in residential and nonresidential jobs.

These contractors can perform many jobs depending on their work including plumbing, painting, and site preparation.

Last month saw nearly 48,000 new jobs in transportation and warehouse, which are closely watched for possible supply-chain relief. It was a month of continued job growth in transportation and warehousing (10,700), couriers (9,400) and air travel (6,900).

Retail trade employment increased by almost 37,000 in February. There were gains at building material and gardening supply stores (12.100), furniture and household furnishings stores (5.600) and gas stations (4.800).

Crystal Mercedes, CNBC contributed reporting.