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Russian stock analyst drinks to death of the stock market on live TV


Unknown man inspects a board that displays the Russian ruble exchange rates against both the US and Euro. It is located outside of a currency office. On March 2, 2022 the Russian ruble fell to record lows as the US dollar rate and the euro rate reached 110 and 122, respectively, at Moscow Exchange.

Mikhail Metzel | TASS | Getty Images

Russian analyst on stock markets pulled out a bottle of wine and drank to the death of Russia’s stock marketDuring an interview on live television.

The clip went viral ThursdayThis is a one-week anniversary of the Russian invasion and occupation of Ukraine. Russia’s economy is hammered with Western sanctions.

Are stock market strategies obsolete now or are you still interested in this profession? Russian broadcaster RBC asked Alexander Butmanov about his financial technology business DTI Algorithmic. His host introduced him to the audience as an expert on stock markets strategies.

According to CNBC’s translation, Butmanov said, “Worst-case scenario” and that he would work as Santa Claus.

He stated, “Excluding any jokes. Let’s do it quickly.” Sergei Usychenko was a man who had drank 12 years before the demise of the stock exchange.

Butmanov reached out and opened a glass container, looking directly at the camera.

“Today, i’m drinking carbonated waters,” he stated. “Dear stockmarket, you were near to us and you were intriguing, Rest in Peace, my dear comrade.”

In disbelief the host said, “I don’t think I’m going to comment about this stunt because it’s not something that I want to believe.”

Five consecutive days Russia’s stock exchange has been shut down.

Hundreds of civilians were killed in the bombing campaigns by Russian forces that took place over Ukraine’s largest cities Kyiv (and Kharkiv) during this time.

The currency of the country, rubleThe news that Western sanctions had been imposed on Russia over the weekend, which targeted Russian access the SWIFT messaging system and its central bank reserves as well as numerous Russian exports, banks and individuals within the country, including President Vladimir Putin, caused the stock market to tank.

Today, the ruble is down by 30% dollar year-to-date.

Russian central banking more than doubled the country’s interest rate to 20%In an attempt to reduce inflation, the following will be posted: a fully-fledged bank run began this weekMany people were rushing to cash out at that time.

London-listed Russian stocks have collapsedTheir trading was suspended. Russian companies have been expelled by the MSCI and FTSE indexes. Fitch, a ratings agency, downgraded Russia’s status to junk and analysts said that Russian stocks were “uninvestable”.