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It seems like a lot of you are cheating at Wordle: Study


The jig is up — we know you’re cheating on your daily Wordle.

Or, at least, it would certainly appear that a growing number of people have been looking online for answers to the popular five-letter word guessing game — possibly to avoid putting a stop to a winning streak.

According to a recent study by WordfinderxThe reference site, which is a website that focuses on word games such Scrabble and Wordle, used Google Trends data from Google to show how Google search results for Wordle’s daily puzzle almost tripled in the time since The New York Times. acquired WordleJanuary

According to the study, searches for February 15’s AROMA and February 19’s SWILL daily Wordle solution reached 100 percent on Google’s popularity scale. This compares with other search engines. search results on a topicGoogle then gives them a rating on a scale of 1 to 100 “based upon a topic’s percentage to all search on all topics.”

Comparatively, Jan. 4,’s “SIEGE”, only achieved a 1, while daily Wordle solutions searches never reached 60 on Google’s Scale prior to The New York Times purchase of the game Jan 31.

Also, according to Google’s search trends, people are increasingly turning to the internet when they need help with their Wordle problems.

Wordle is being criticized by players for making solving problems more complicated since its acquisition by The New York Times. But multiple publications don’t support this claim. have pointed out.The New York Times actually has only removed a few words from its list of solutions. actually replacing some harder wordsYou can replace “AGORA”, for example, with “AROMA”, or vice versa.

An easier explanation, and perhaps even more plausible, for the rise in Wordle users looking online for Wordle answers is the fact that the number of people who are using the Wordle solvers has been increasing.

Wordle created a lot of buzz when it first launched in the latter half 2021. It then quickly gained popularity. went viralThe new year began with a record number of Wordle players. In January, there were 300,000. into the millionsBy February there was no sign of slowing down. Psychologists previously told CNBC Make ItThis daily, short game is a great way to have fun and keeps players coming back for more.

No matter how difficult the Wordle solution may seem, players still find it hard to understand certain words, according the Wordfinderx study. The Wordfinderx study found that players were more likely to try to cheat online by searching for answers online with “SWILL” and “AROMA”.

New Hampshire was also identified as having the greatest number of Wordle cheaters, with SWILL being the word that is most likely to frustrate Granite State residents. Interestingly, a separate studyWordTips also found New Hampshire to be one of the most effective Wordle solvers in America. Portsmouth, New Hampshire was 8th out of the top ten U.S. cities.

Vermont and Rhode Island tied for second, with Vermont and Rhode Island being the top two contenders. Players in Vermont were most interested in Wordle answers on the days that “CAULK” and “TACIT” were Wordle’s solutions.

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