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Cuomo rips ‘cancel culture,’ hints at a political comeback


Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaking August 10, 2021.

Source: State of New York

Six months ago, the former governor of New York resigned in disgrace for sexual harassment claims. Andrew Cuomo seemed to hint at a possible political return in comments he made at a Brooklyn Church on Sunday.

A campaign-like visit by the Democrat to a Brooklyn Church was made Sunday. He delivered a speech denouncing “cancelculture”. This was his first public appearance since his departure from office. It came shortly after Cuomo had launched a campaign to promote a similar message via television and online advertising.

Cuomo used several Bible verses to describe his troubles. He then took aim at the Albany politicians who, he stated, were “smelling blood” and using the situation for political gains.

Cuomo claimed that the actions taken against him were a result of prosecutorial misconduct, continuing a trend he’s been pushing since his inception. Cuomo said, “They used cancelculture to effectively overturn an electoral election.”

In August, the Democrat resigned after an independent investigation found that he had sexually harassed almost a dozen women. He also revealed that he and his aides were working to retaliate for an accuser. Cuomo quickly acknowledged that his behaviour wasn’t acceptable, and added that it didn’t violate the law.

He stated, “I wasn’t able to appreciate how quickly the perspectives had changed.” I’ve learned an important lesson, and have paid a high price to learn it. God doesn’t want me to be done yet.

Cuomo isn’t announcing he will run for office but still has a multimillion dollar campaign war chest that he could use in order to fund another run.

New York’s district attorneys stated that Cuomo was “credible” but didn’t have enough evidence to bring criminal charges. A New York trooper sued Cuomo last month. He claimed he had caused her mental distress and severe mental anguish by inappropriately touching and suggesting comments to her. Cuomo spokeswoman called it a “cheap money extortion.”

Cuomo used Sunday to criticize the social media-fuelled climate he called dangerous and growing.

He stated that “any accusation can lead to the condemnation of someone without any facts or due procedure.” We are not a nation made up of tweets, but of laws. We will be cursed if this becomes our new justice system.

Cuomo mentioned that he will not be able to stay in the spotlight by returning to a Biblical metaphor about crossing a bridge, which he used to explain his journey.

His words were: “The Bible teaches perseverance. They broke my heart, but not my soul. I’m determined to turn the negative energy into positive energy and bring happiness to those around me.