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Making the Metaverse the key to a better future instead of a dystopian prison -Breaking


The Metaverse(s), if it happens, will change the way we see humanity? The Metaverse(s), if it is created, will be the greatest augmentation to human perception. It will be a nightmare for us, but it could transform our perception completely. Is it happening already?

The foundations have been set, let’s begin with the last question. Our smartphones, our social media, digital devices and top-ranking digital data-driven corporations make the new cathedrals of humanity, the religions and tribal areas. This technology, along with the onset the 4IR or Artificial Intelligence-Driven Society 5.0, have seen greater change in humanity over the past 50 years than any of the previous 30,000. It’s only the beginning.

Dinis GuardaLynkey is his non-executive chair. He previously founded and, which are part of Ztudium Group. He is also the founder of and (Saxo Bank). Guarda’s background is in international management, marketing communications, web development, publishing and content creation. He has worked on projects with the UN and worldwide governments, as well as a variety of financial, technology, and consumer companies such as Reuters, MasterCard, P&G, Philips, Vodafone (NASDAQ:), and Nike (NYSE:).