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Stablecoins will have to reflect and evolve to live up to their name -Breaking


Unfortunately, stablecoins’ name is a misspelling. The fact that stablecoins are pegged to a “real” asset does not equate to stability. Stabilized assets that are traditionally underlying assets can still be affected by market volatility. Many stablecoins have fiat pegged so they could also become unstable.

What the name could be, however, is aspirational — something that stablecoins might yet live up to if they can tie themselves to a solid foundation.

Jai BifulcoKinesis Money’s chief commercial officer is Jai. His diverse operational and commercial experience includes the financial, trading, precious metals and mining sectors. Jai is a founder member of Kinesis and brings his vast experience to the drive for a global, ethical monetary system. He believes this will change the face of precious metals as well as the financial space.