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Top Wall Street analysts say buy stocks like Apple & Airbnb


Apple CEO Tim Cook attended the premier of season 2 of “Ted Lasso”, at Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, California. It was July 15, 2021.

Mario Anzuoni | Reuters

Last week saw turmoil not just for the stock exchange, but around the globe. Russia’s invading of Ukraine may have shaken people and governments. This could lead to a return to a Cold-War-era order. While markets are volatile due to Russia’s sanctions, energy prices have risen and the uncertainty surrounding inflation has lingering. 

In these difficult times, trading in the short-term can be a losing strategy. We’ve gathered the opinions of some Wall Street’s top analysts on five stocks. Let’s have a closer look.  


Petco stock has plummeted since November’s news about the omicron version of Covid-19.WOOF). This doesn’t negate the importance of growing numbers of new pet ownersSince the beginning of the pandemic. Zachary Fadem from Wells Fargo expects the pet retail and service company to announce its quarterly earnings March 8.  

According to the analyst, WOOFHe believes that Petco will surpass Wall Street’s consensus estimates and that there are plenty of long-term opportunities for monetization. Petco stock remains largely ignored by investors, he said. (See Petco News SentimentTipRanks 

Fadem assigned WOOF an Buy rating, with a target price of $30.  

Petco has done well with its veterinary services section and the firm is enjoying strong sales performance through its loyalty program, fresh food offering and other marketing activities. Fadem also compared Petco with an online rival, Chewy.CHWY). He pointed out that in the four first weeks of the quarter “WOOF” web traffic had sequentially increased while CHWY traffic was down.  

Fadem acknowledged that Petco will be affected by supply chain issues, which are felt across the entire retail sector. However, some of these financial problems may be alleviated by passing costs on to the consumers or product premiumization.  

Analyst sees an attractive entry point for LT, given stable category growth and underlying share gains. Estimates that are likely to move higher also make this an appealing option. 

Fadem ranks No. 77. His success rate is 62% and his return on investment averages 41.3%.  


An organization that has been repeatedly recognized for its expansion and customer penetration. Apple (AAPLThe same positive reception may be given to ). pulling its products and services out of Russia. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014, sanctions have been imposed by the West on Moscow. Investors may soon be able to understand and digest the potential losses Apple could suffer from this move.  

Wedbush’s Dan Ives described the changes, which according to his calculations could have an impact of 1% to 2% revenue loss for AAPL. Russia has no storefronts for the firm and it only sells products to third-party retail outlets. (See Apple Stock ChartsTipRanks 

Ives has rated the stock as a Buy and has set a target price of $200. 

It wouldn’t surprise the analyst if larger tech companies made similar moves within the region. Apple pulled all Russian propaganda-based, state-owned apps and even stopped traffic intelligence services on its Maps app.  

Ives explained how crucial cybersecurity will be in light of Russia’s increased threat to it, along with the historic decision. In fact, a growing number of attacks against the West is to be expected.

Ives is No. Ives is ranked No.222 among more than 7,000 TipRanks analysts. He has received an average return of 29% for his ratings and is accurate in picking stocks 60% of time.  


Airbnb (ABNBThe company reported strong quarterly results and consolidated its status as a leader in the industry. It went public in 2020 and continues to operate its business model, despite multiple restrictions regarding mobility and leisure travel. (See Airbnb Estimated Monthly VisitsTipRanks 

With the global decline in Covid-19 cases, Airbnb is poised to reap the benefits as travel booms back. Tigress Financial Partners’ Ivan Feinseth stated that Airbnb can scale easily and add cheaply to its supply. Additionally, it has invested in innovations to improve onboarding processes for new hosts. The firm is also able to respond to rapidly changing trends and consumer preferences, whether they are long-term rural stays or short weekend getaways in urban areas.  

Feinseth gave the stock a Buy rating and raised his price target from $206 to $214.  

An analyst stated that Airbnb generated 78% more revenue than last year, even with a year of mandatory lockdowns and increased stays-at-home habits. Although the pandemic is fading, the positive trends that it generated for ABNB remain the most popular. Feinseth, for instance, stated that about half of the total fourth-quarter bookings were for 7 or more days.  

Analyst said, “ABNB’s ability to increase incremental capacity through the addition of new Hosts as well as ongoing investments in new technology, cobranded buildings and branding opportunities, expanding partnerships, growing international expansion, and continuing investment initiatives are all powerful drivers of future growth.” 

Feinseth was ranked No. Out of over 7,000 professional analysts, Feinseth was ranked No.78. The stock rating of his has resulted success in over 65% of the cases, with an average return of 29.4%.  


Software giant for cloud computing (CRMThe pandemic saw a significant increase in its value. Although shares are down, the core business remains sound.  

This is the hypothesis of Brian White of Monness, Crespi, Hardt & Co., who argued that “Salesforce is uniquely positioned to capitalize on accelerated digital transformation with a platform that is stronger and more relevant than ever while benefitting from a new model, the addition of Slack, and an economic recovery.” 

White considered the stock to be a Buy and maintained his target price of $328.  

According to the analyst, CRM has recently proven its worth with its new developments earnings report. Software firm issued upbeat guidanceReports on revenues rose 26% over the previous year. White noted that strength was observed across all industries, locales, and product categories.  

MuleSoft and Tableau were high-profile acquisitions that resulted in a 23.5% increase. Slack’s performance continues to amaze investors. This is especially important considering the large price Salesforce paid for the company.  

White said that despite the tailwinds, there is a possibility that tech’s current sell-off will continue for some time. Expect near-term volatility.  

White holds the position of No. 190. He is accurate in rating stocks at 64% accuracy and has returned an average 29.1% each.  


Splunk (SPLKRecently, ), published its most recent earnings reports. They reported cloud revenues up 69% over the previous year and gave impressive guidance. A new CEO was also announced by the software company.  

Jonathan Ruykhaver, Baird, said that Gary Steele is expected to deliver improved execution over the long-term for Splunk’s vision. An analyst noted Splunk’s platform differentiation as a competitive advantage that gives it an edge over other companies. (See Splunk Risk Factor AnalysisTipRanks 

Ruykhaver assigned the stock as a Buy and gave a target price of $135.  

Splunk’s wide range of offerings is “considerable” and an advantage according to him. It includes an extensive data platform, full stack observation, security, coverage, and protection across hybrid cloud-edge. 

Data analysis software firm, data organization software pointed out that its earnings report showed higher-than-expected free liquidity and highlighted metrics that forecast high bookings.  

Ruykhaver is the No. 1 expert analyst in TipRanks database out of more than 7,000. 16. He was accurate 78% of all times when selecting stocks and has earned an average of 56.3% per stock.