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A budget iPhone and more


Apple March 2022 invite


AppleIt is currently holding first launch event the yearIt is anticipated that Apple will announce the new iPhone and iPad on Tuesday.

Like all other company launches since 2020, the launch event will be streamed live from Apple Park Headquarters in Cupertino.

Apple’s spring devices launches are less significant than the traditional fall events that reveal new iPhone models in advance of the holidays. Apple’s fall iPhones tend to be more expensive and less profitable. Apple’s spring event on Tuesday follows a similar one last year. Apple introduced a new iPad Pro and redesigned iMac desktop computers, as well as AirTags.

Analysts and media reports have revealed what to expect at Apple’s Spring Launch Event on Tuesday:

Low-cost iPhone

iPhone SE

Todd Haselton | CNBC

Apple expects to upgrade the iPhone SE with 5G Support, faster processors, and a more powerful camera. to Bloomberg News. Investors must ask whether Apple will continue to charge the same as before. current $399 iPhone SEIt will decide whether to refresh the model, launched 2 years ago, or if it continues to offer it at a lower price for 2020. Apple might be able to gain market share from cheaper Android phones, which sell for under $399.

Dan Ives, a Wedbush analyst wrote Monday in a note that the iPhone SE might be different than bargain phones and that there was “pent up demand for” the model worldwide.

iPad Air

iPad Air

Source: Apple Inc.


Apple unveils new iMac with updated colors

Source: Apple Inc.

iOS 15.4

Apple iOS 15 Spotlight searching


Apple is expected to announce at the event a release date and time for its next major software upgrade for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Apple started testing iOS 15.4 in January. It will be the 2nd-largest update for the year, after iOS 16. This will be announced at WWDC in June and will be released in fall.

iOS 15.4 will offer several new features including the ability unlock phones with masks, new emoticons, and Apple’s payment product, which allows anyone who has an iPhone to take credit card payments with no additional hardware.