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Steve Jobs worked to ‘develop his communication’ skills


Steve WozniakHe understands the value of communication when creating a company. He was able to co-found Apple with one the most skilled communicators and marketers in tech. Steve Jobs.

Jobs, who died in 2012 was long hailed as a hero. a “genius”He was known for his marketing and sales of Apple products. Many were created and manufactured by Wozniak during the early years. But Wozniak tells CNBC Make It that his partner wasn’t always a marketing and communications guru – those were skills Jobs had to develop to compensate for not being a particularly skilled computer engineer.

He learned many marketing principles, because he was not really capable engineering-wise, which is what you would call computer hardware. [and]Wozniak speaks out about Jobs and software. He had to discover other fields to prove himself valuable.

Wozniak first appeared on the “Online Reality Show” in 2011.Unicorn Hunters“Alongside former U.S. Treasurer Rosie RiosLance Bass and other singers. He and other judges receive investment pitches from founders of tech startups. Wozniak admits that he is sometimes amazed at the inefficacy with which entrepreneurs communicate.

He said, “We saw many pitches that were way too rough and stuttering. And they would kind of lose their self, which doesn’t help when it comes to pitching to investors.”

Wozniak could have been spoilt after working so many years with Jobs. Last year, Wozniak notedJobs “personality” changed dramatically when Jobs and Wozniak founded Apple. From a friend who loved to have fun, he became serious about creating a global company. Wozniak says that a key part of this transformation was seeing Jobs develop his communication skills. [skills].”

“Being the chief communicator and business determiner. His skills were exceptional. [that],” Wozniak says.

Wozniak claims that Jobs’ communication and sales skills helped Apple market the iPhone as user-friendly. Wozniak said that Jobs was able to use the smartphone in his daily life. “An easily understood technology product in your hands that an average Joe won’t be confused by.” Technology didn’t require you to be a techie. [to use it].”

It was this skill that separated Jobs from his fellow tech heroes. A 2020 interview Bill Gates said he was “so jealous”For being such an engaging public speaker, Jobs is a credit to Gates. Gates called Jobs “a genius,” particularly for the way he could inspire people – from customers to his own employees.

Wozniak claims that it was more complicated than this. In 2020, Wozniak told the “Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People” podcast that Jobs’ intense, relentless drive to become a successful communicator and leader came from his desire to ultimately be remembered as an important historical figure — and that motivation drove him to develop the appropriate skills for it.

Wozniak stated that sometimes motivation and wanting to do something is more important than the actual skill.

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