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Ukraine economic advisor condemns Russian oil purchases as ‘bloody money’


Oleg Ustenko is a senior economic advisor to Ukraine’s president. He told CNBC Monday that he thinks Western countries should stop buying Russian oil and gasoline. These transactions, which he called “bloody money”, help Moscow finance its invasion in Ukraine.

In an interview that Ustenko gave to Steve Liesman of CNBC, Ustenko stated, “It is just unbelievable because whoever buys this oil and gaz, they are also responsible for financing these aggressive actions by Russia’s military.” This was Monday’s televised on “Closing Bell.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — now in its second week — is leading to “terrible, Dark Ages things in my country,” Ustenko said. It is vital that they are cut from the bloody money receipts. We believe this will allow us to really hit the Russians hard. … We could very well be certain that they don’t have any economic power if this embargo was implemented.”

These comments are made by Ustenko, as Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President. called for a more expansive response to the Russian invasion. Zelenskyy has had Ustenko as an advisor since May 2019. according to the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council.